Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Not My Typical Journal Entry...

Dear Journal:
I know it's been awhile since I've written in you, and I apologize for that. : / But you know how it is. Anyways, I decided to write about today, because I did something I'd never done before, and had a splendid time of it. That's worth writing in a diary, isn't it?

You know how I love "The Book Thief". I got it for Christmas because it was recommended to me, and at the time I was beginning to be interested in the WWII era (and I still am). To be honest, however, the first chapter I found a little boring. And I was wondering if I had made a mistake by putting it on my Christmas list.
Of course, I kept at it (persistent reader that I am), and a few more chapters into the game found me interested. And it just kept getting better, and better.
I read it slowly, savored every word (except for the OCCASIONAL swear word. :P), and devoured the book whole.
By the end of the book, I was SOBBING. I mean, wow. What a book. What. A. Book. It was a work of art, really. I started to respect that guy, Markus Zusak, who wrote it. You don't read a book like his every day. And for that, I'm grateful to him.

Um... actually, in Nazi German she would NOT have been dressed that nice. That coat... those shoes...nope. It wouldn't have happened. Just sayin'.

Well, diary, you know I've never met a famous person before, or else I would've written about it.

It just so happens that Markus Zusak came to a library in my town. Thank heavens for my friend who told me, or I never would've known about it at all.
The event started at 7 pm, but the little flyer thingy said that 'early arrival is recommended'. Well yeah, the guy's famous, for Pete's sake. So, I grabbed my Book Thief (and my camera), and we headed to the library. We got there quite early, so we were almost at the beginning of the line. As we waited for the doors to open, the line of waiting people behind us became longer, and longer... and longer. We got a seat up front thankfully, because we were one of the first ones in, but even 45 minutes after we got seated, I kept turning around to check the empty seats, and every time I looked, fans just kept on filing in.
And filing in.
And filing in.
There were over a thousand fans.
To see the guy who wrote The Book Thief.

Again, her clothes are WAY too nice for the era.

Time wore on, the fans kept filing, and the anticipation built. By this time, I'd been waiting for 2 1/2 hours, and I was pretty sore from staying in the same place for so long.

Finally, the whole board of whatever director of the library came up, and did her little shpeel about "being so grateful blah blah for our sponsor.... and these great blah individuals who blah blah made this event possible blah blah blah..."
...until FINALLY.
The guy came on stage!
And I set my own eyes upon him in person! And he had the most glorious Australian accent... which I enjoyed immensely... and he told funny stories... and he talked about the book thief (of course)... and he answered our questions. It was a great presentation. I really, really enjoyed myself. I brought my little notebook, to write down my inspirations from his speech.

"People think you have to have a good imagination to be a writer.
Not true. You just have to have a lot of problems."
-Markus Zusak

"I've written five books. Four of them mean something me, and one of them 
means everything to me. And that's The Book Thief."
-Markus Zusak

(When asked which character from the book he actually loves the most)
"I love Rudy more than anyone in the book. By no means would I let him live through the end.
I know that may sound cold, and hard, and evil. Well, that's just because... I am."
-Markus Zusak

That one brought the house down.

I also finally realized that his last name is pronounced with the z sound, and not the s sound. There is no s sound in his name, in case you ever wondered.
If you can't tell, dear Journal, I had a wondrous blessed time listening to his presentation. But that wasn't even the best part!
After he finished speaking, and we finished asking our many questions, we all got to stand in line and get our books signed, one group at a time. Since we arrived pretty early, not only did we get in the building first, and get our seats first, we got in the book-signing line sooner than most. We were in group 2 out of 17, which isn't bad.


I saw each person in front of me get their books signed, and then, finally, it was my turn! I gave him my book, and while he signed it and drew his little thingy inside, I mentioned how much I enjoyed his book.
I know he probably forgot about me by the time I walked out of that room, I mean, he was probably just focusing on writing... writing... writing... WRITING IN A THOUSAND BOOKS! Still, I was glad to tell him how much his book meant to me. Even if he'll never remember what I said for the rest of his life. :) Well, at least he knows that his fans love him. :)

And then, after all that, we finally went home. Occasionally, in the car, even in the dark, every so often I would open up my little book, and gaze at the title page:

It made me so happy, and I was beaming all the way home. :)
It was a splendid time, and the whole thing really was like a dream.
But after all, I'm very glad that it WASN'T a dream!
Signing off now...
Yours Truly,
p.s. This is my only signed book other than the one my friend signed, which I talked about in THIS post!


  1. *sighs happily* This was a good post. :) I'm so glad you wrote a blog post on this.

  2. What a neat experience! I'm going to read The Book Thief this summer, I think. That's so cool that he came to your library, and how smart you were to write down some quotes!

  3. How exciting! I would like to read it sounds like a good one! :)

    1. You blog looks GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it!! <3 Where do you find such pretty pictures?

    2. Thank you so much! I just like finding pretty pics on Pinterest. :) Sometimes, I like to take my own too.

  4. CONGRATS!!!! That must have been SO COOL!!!

  5. AHHHH THAT'S SO COOL. #jealous. :-D

  6. Ohmygosh that's amazing! It's really hard for us to see him even here so the fact that you got your book signed was pretty epic! Here the bit about the Australian accent made me giggle :-D


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