Saturday, June 3, 2017


Ah, my blogging friends, forgive me for my negligence! I have had the most swimming adventure. I say 'swimming' because I actually did some swimming. In a river. With currents and everything. And my best friend had to save me. Hooray.
So I went to a remote cabin in the woods and spent four days there and swam in said river, which made my arms and legs hurt like the dickens the day after, but it was still all too fun to matter.
And I used an outhouse for the first time.
 #so fun
 #ya'll should try it
 #just kidding don't

And I played a ridiculously fun game called SPOONS during which you had to FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE because everyone practically killed each other trying to secure a blasted spoon for themselves and WE ALMOST BROKE A CHANDELIER PLAYING THIS GAME and which I had never played before but hip hooray for me because I beat everyone except my mom.

And I hung my clothes on an actual clothesline to dry in the sun.
And I drank 18 different bottles of soda pop in all sorts of outrageous flavors such as "MacFuddy Pepper Elixer" (which I actually enjoyed--call me a liar if you want to), and "Candy Bacon Soda Pop" (You can Google these if you don't believe me) and "Caramel Soda Pop" and "Shirley Temple Soda Pop" and basically ALL THE SODA POPS.
And I don't even 'drink' soda.

Not my image...
And I took lots of beautiful photos with my Mini 8 Instax Camera to keep the memories forever... and I also took some pictures with another camera that I took with me and I wanted to show some of them to you but I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO UPLOAD THEM I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYY


And when I got back from my 'weekend of weekends', I did something ELSE very exciting... Well, first I had the stomach bug (which was NOT exciting, believe me), but after that, .......
I also...........
 drumroll, please...........
I bought my first car!!!!!!! HOORAY!!! :D
*lots of confetti and fanfare*

Aren't I so grown up?!?!?!?!?!? (No, don't answer that. We both know I'm not).
Do you realize what has happened?!
Do you know what this means?!
I can now go places.
Did you hear me?

#so excite
#much happy
#very drive

I apologize for the obnoxious way in which I am portraying my excitement to you. I know I am really quite nuts.

I suppose I must now come to the real reason for this post. That is to warn you that you won't hearing from me for a couple of weeks. (There. Aren't I so proper now in warning you this time? Instead of just leaving you to wonder weather or not I've disappeared from the face of the earth. You ought to pat me on the back.) I am going away to a sort of training camp thingy (same as last year), and it will take up 90% or more of my Summer. Which leaves very little time for blogging and all that. If I can squeeze in a small post here and there, I'll be lucky.
But don't expect that.
I am blessed that the Good Lord has seen fit to give me His business to do, and I intend on making the most of it.
That was the real reason for this post. 

And now I must leave you.
I must get to packing.
Literally. Lots and lots of packing.
p.s. Forgive me for any grammatical errors in this post, but I haven't time to check myself. Hopefully all is well.

This is the End

Before you ask, no.
This post is not my farewell letter to the world.

This is the end to that little ghost story that I was telling you a couple of posts ago.
And my apologies for taking so long to post it.
I was quite busy. More on that later.
I shall continue where I left off (that is, if anyone CARES anymore after like a million days...) :

"Look. They're gone."

What. On. Earth.
Who in the heck is down there?  
What is?
I called my sister again, this time in near panic. I begged her to help me try to find the whisper once more. Reluctantly, she joined me as I went up and down the stairs countless times over again.
My heart pounded. What could this possibly be about?

Finally, I figured it out.  

I discovered that underneath the stairwell (in which there is a little cubby where we keep things like Christmas decorations and so forth), there is a puzzle sitting on top of some boxes, probably left there by some kids we had babysat a few days earlier. 
It's one of those special puzzles that, when you put a piece in, a recording says the name of the shape. 
I peered closely at this puzzle, and noticed the pentagon piece was missing. In the center of the empty space is the little sensor that makes the sound, "Pentagon", when you put the piece in.
Upon closer scrutiny, I realized that this particular sensor was especially sensitive. 
Even the smallest vibration, I found, could set it off. 
And a voice, declaring "Pentagon", would ring out. 
And I discovered that, sometimes, the vibrations that I caused from pounding up those stairs all the time was causing the pentagon puzzle piece to go off. 


And of course, from the top of the stairs, it sounded like a whisper coming from behind me. 

And that is the story of the only ghost encounter I ever had... except it was a puzzle.


So there you have it! You see that it really wasn't a ghost at all... but believe me, it sure SOUNDS like a ghost story until the end, so I didn't exactly tell you a falsehood when I called it a 'ghost story'. 
Anyways, it was pretty creepy until I figured it out. 
I just realized that this is the first 'story snippet' I have ever posted on this blog! Except that this one is a true story...
Well anyways. Have a good day, my friendly peeps!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why I Love My Mom

    All of the random reasons why my mom is to be celebrated not just on Mother's Day, but every day.

    * * * * *

    MOM: Amaris, have you fed the dogs tonight?

    Me: Yes, mom.

    MOM: They were fed TONIGHT?

    Me: Yes, mom.

    MOM: So the dogs are fed.

    Me: ...Yup.

    MOM: k thnx
    * * * * *

    * * * * * 

    Me: *In bed, asleep, at 7 am*

    MOM: Get up, Amaris.

    Me: "........."

    MOM: Get. UP.

    Me: "........."

    MOM: *clenches fist* Get up NOW, or I'm GOING to pummel you.

    Me: ........ what does 'pummel' mean?

    MOM: I don't know. *puts fist under my nose* But we'll find out together.

    * * * * *

    * * * * *

    MOM: Amaris, will you do the dishes please?

    Me: Sure, be right there.

    MOM: You know what, actually, I'll do them.

    Me: Are you sure? I'd be happy to do them in just a sec.

    MOM: Yes, I'm sure. I actually like doing dishes. I'll do them.

    Me: Ok...... If you really want to.

    MOM: Yup.

    *15 minutes later*

    MOM: Nobody ever does a thing in this house.

    * * * * *

    My mom cares about my well being:

    * * * * *
    She puts up with me:
     * * * * *
    She raised me right:

    * * * * *
    She taught me everything I know:

    * * * * * 
    She notices everything. Every. Little. Thing:

    * * * * *
    She watches out for me when I'm about to do something stupid:

    * * * * *
    She's the best housekeeper I know (she's a wizard):

    * * * * *
    She can ALWAYS find that thing that is 'lost':
    * * * * *
    She likes those dishes DONE:

    * * * * *
    She doesn't like phones:

    She likes Bilbo Baggins:

     *Watching Sherlock, BBC*

    MOM: Is that Bilbo?

    Me: No... well yes, it's the guy, but right now he's Watson.

    *later in the episode*

    MOM: When does Bilbo come back?

    Me: Watson's away for now, mom.

    *still later in the episode*

    Me: Wow, would you look at that, Sherlock is-

    MOM:  Is this when bilbo comes back

    Me: Mom...he's just-

    MOM: Is that bilbo

    Me: I-

    MOM: bilbo

    Me: Why-

    MOM: That's bilbo


    She cares about me:

    * * * * *
    She worries about me:

    * * * * *
    She's there for me:

    * * * * *

    She knows I'm dependent on her:

    * * * * *
    She carries it all:

     * * * * *
    She keeps going:

    Me: Does it ever drive you nuts when the tag in the back of your shirt itches you?

    MOM: I don't get annoyed that easily.

    *15 minutes later*

    MOM: Where is my pen? I had it right here. When I put my pen somewhere I want it to be there when I get back. I shouldn't have to ask everywhere for my pen when it should be right here. I don't know what's gotten into...

    Me: *hands her the pen* I thought you didn't get annoyed easily.


    She gets me mixed up with my other siblings:

    * * * * *
    She likes to make sure I don't forget:
    My mom gave me some instructions in the car while we were on our way home. She was going to drop me off at the house and head straight to her appointment, so it was my job to have lunch and everything all ready to go. 
    When I got in the empty house preparing to fix everything, I noticed that she had put a few 'helpful' notes around the kitchen.
    One was pasted to the handle of the fridge, so that I would see it. 
    One was on a bowl IN the fridge, explaining what the contents were and how they related to me and my cooking.
    One was on top of the stove, written on a recipe instructing me how I was going to use this recipe.
    One was pasted to a bag that had a rotten banana in it, telling me how the banana was to be used.
    Even so, with all the notes she left me and the instructions she gave me on our way home, I still had to call her about 5 different times. 
    I have a very conscientious mommy and she is amazing.
    What's more, I need her.

    * * * * *

    I love you, Mom.

    p.s. I let my mom read this before I posted it. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Spring Favorites // 2017 + A Ghost Story

A rather random list of my favorite things from this Spring. Enjoy.

: WWI History :
If you follow me on Goodreads, you might have seen a couple of WWI books here and there, and that's because I have been looking for a couple of good books to help one of my siblings understand WWI better. I think I already mentioned my recent interest in this particular subject, but let's just say I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.
But I feel like I'm a little short on movies. Does anyone know any good WWI movies besides War Horse, Testament of Youth, and All Quiet on the Western Front? I feel like there are a million World War TWO movies, but One? Where are they?

: Movies, etc. : 
Sully [2016]  (REALLY good 5 out of 5 stars {I was thinking of doing a whole post review on this one because I enjoyed it so much... Would you all enjoy a review post for a change?)
The Case for Christ [2017] (ALSO REALLY GOOD 5/5 stars)
Duck Dynasty Season 10 [2015-16] (Hilarious, as usual 4/5 stars)
Call the Midwife Season 6 Christmas special [2016]  (so enjoyable because it's been awhile since I've seen this show 4/5 stars)
All Quiet on the Western Front [1930] (SO SAD but also really good 4/5 stars)
Loving [2016] (kind of slow and unsatisfying, but it had a few good parts 1/5 stars)

: Studio C :
Going back and watching some of my favorite sketches has filled up quite a few of my evenings lately. Might I suggest a few favorites?

: Learning :
To drive! :D You guys, I am so close to getting my car and my license, I can almost taste it (that sounds kind of weird, actually).

: Trying to write :
My story... which needs a better name... and a better opening scene... and a better ending... and more subplots... and more goals... and better conflict... and.... and... yeah. 
You get the idea. 

: Making :
This necklace. I wanted to make a necklace that goes with all of my grey outfits, so.

: Loving :
1.Starbucks S'mores frappe
2.My dogs because I bathed them both yesterday and now they are so CLEAN AND SOFT AND CLEAN.
3.This teddy bear I found at Hobby Lobby the other day and I just had to bring him home.
He's my little friend now.

Say hello to Patrick, my little friend.
4. And in the makeup category: I am loving these few palettes that I found at Sephora on clearance! They were like $30, but I got them both for half off. :) I love the cool tones in the Vintage Filter one.
Sephora collection colorful eyeshadow filter palettes

: Reading : 
Crazy Love
Rachel's Tears
Good Call
A Woman's Strength
The Last of the Doughboys
The Reluctant Midwife
Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood
The Bible (mostly Acts)

: Listening :
Tauren Wells: Hills and Valleys. I was pretty excited the other day when I heard this song on the NON-CHRISTIAN radio at my job.
Hollyn: In Awe. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of Hollyn (although, dare I say, a lot of teenage girls are) but even so, I simply adore this song.
I know ya'll are tired of hearing about the Adam Young Scores on my blog, but three of the songs (not whole scores, just specific songs/tracks) I have been especially enjoying lately:

I don't know, I just find it helpful to listen to these when I'm writing (which isn't very often these days, sadly).
But I haven't only been listening to music. It's been raining a lot lately (at least where I live), and I love to listen to the rain and thunderstorms.
I often wonder if God created rain just specifically to make me happy. 
 I went into work the other day and it was POURING rain, and on my way inside my feet got all wet and when I went in you could really hear the rain loudly inside and I just had the biggest smile on my face and one of my coworkers just looked at me like I was insane because of my big grin and my feet were slushing with water but I didn't care because it was raining so hard and I was so happy
Thanks be to God.

Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to the people who's yards are under water right now, or who have floodwater in their basements. :(
That's never fun.
But anyways. Let's wrap this up, shall we?

Photo credit: ME. Feel free to pin. :)
: So those are a few of my favorite things this Spring!!! :
I realize that Spring isn't over yet, so, the question is, why am I posting this NOW, instead of when Spring is actually over on June 20th? Well, April is my favorite month, you see. (pretty sure I've mentioned that before on the Blog) And even though Spring still has a month or two left (technically), it pretty much ends for me after April is over. I don't know, that's just the way it is for me. *shrug*
At this point, I'm ready for Summer! 

Also, I promised you a Ghost Story written in the title of this post, So here it is:
A Ghost Story That Took Way More Words Than I Thought I Needed, Yet I Have Presented It Here For Your Enjoyment 
The past couple of days, I have noticed a strange occurrence every time I go up my stairs. When I get to the top, I can hear something like a muffled whisper of jumbled words just behind me. The first couple of times I heard it, I assumed it was just some noise created from me bounding up the stairs. Or perhaps I was brushing against the brooms hanging up next to the steps, and that was making the strange, brushing, voice-like sound.
So I didn't think too much of it.
But I kept hearing them every time I went upstairs. 
One day, I heard it all too clearly, and the noise that I assumed was just that- noise - became some thing more than that. Spoken words in recognizable English, directly behind me. It happened after I was in the basement tending to some laundry. I finished up, and headed upstairs. When I got to the top of the landing, clearer than ever, I heard it unmistakably: the whisper.
"Look. They're gone."
 Startled, I spun around, expecting to see someone, or something there. But no one. Not a soul. I went back downstairs to have a look around. 
There wasn't a thing. 
The idea that I might be hallucinating crossed my mind. Similar things have happened before with my all-too-vivid imagination. 
I called to my sister to help me uncover the source of the sound. I had her stand at the top of the landing, and I went up and down the stairs several times, in hopes that the action would trigger whatever (or whoever) was making the noise. 
But I tried going up and down several times, with no results or conclusions whatsoever. No brushing against brooms, no bounding up the stairs, none of it worked.
My sister thought I was crazy.
Maybe I was.
But I know I heard that whisper!
 I decided to take a little break from the problem, and went about my day. But ever so often my mind would wander to the mysterious voice I undoubtedly heard clearly on the stairwell.
45 minutes later, it was time to do laundry again. I went downstairs and took care of it.
When I began to ascend the stairs, I told myself I would listen really closely so there would be no doubt about what I heard.
I got to the top of the landing and paused....
At first, nothing.
But then, out of the breathless silence, came the phrase, in a loud whisper from behind me that chilled my blood.

"Look. They're gone."

What. On. Earth.
Who in the heck is down there?  
What is?
I called my sister again, this time in near panic. I begged her to help me try to find the whisper once more. Reluctantly, she joined me as I went up and down the stairs countless times once again.
My heart pounded. What could this possibly be about?

Finally, I figured it out.  
Tune in next week to hear the chilling conclusion of this blood-curdling account!

(No, you didn't think I would tell you the entire thing NOW, did you? And let you spoil it for yourself by peeking at the ending? Hehe, you're silly)


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