Monday, August 14, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming // 2017

Did you ever think you would see another Spider-Man post on this blog?
Well, if you did and even if you didn't, here's another one.
This past Sunday I saw Spider-Man: Homecoming.
I'm going to try something different with the way I present this review. I'm going to separate my thoughts into categories, and we shall see how it goes.
What's that you say? You want pictures and gifs? Don't worry, I have those too.
Let us begin.

Firstly, I must say, this is a bit of a long review, as I have lots of things to talk about. I tried to cut it down some, but it's still pretty long. So bear with me. :)
Before I actually saw this movie, I was a little worried that it wasn't going to make a lot of sense, because I got the impression after watching trailers that it went hand-in-hand with the latest Avengers movie.
That would have been very confusing, considering I have not seen ANY Avengers movie, ever. So if SH made a lot of references to past stories, where would that leave me? Thankfully, that didn't really happen. While the Avengers people DO tie into Peter's story in this movie (Iron Man and Captain America were both involved), Spider-Man: Homecoming stood 99% on it's own, apart from just a few references that I didn't really 'get'. Anyhow, I was happy to discover that a person can watch SH with or without having seen past Avengers movies.

What I Liked About Spider-Man Homecoming:
~First and foremost, I gotta say that Tom Holland did an excellent job as our friendly web-slinger. Even though I love past Spider-Men, Tom has something that they didn't: youthfulness. Sure, Tobey Maguire looked kind of young, but he didn't really look high school age to me. Same with Andrew Garfield. But Tom? Perfection. He did such a good job at being awkward, and boyish, and a geeky science nerd, and fifteen. Which is quite young to act like. But Tom did it! He brought it. Amazingly. You see, Peter Parker's character has to have the correct ratio of boyish and edgy (but not annoying) sarcasm, spider-resembling superpowers, and emotional baggage for him to be the Peter he was meant to be.

From the Amazing Spiderman... see what I mean about the sarcasm...
 He is a combination of weakness and strength, *semi-spoiler* but his strengths always come through in the end, just like they're supposed to. And they end up saving the day, which was a great part of this movie. *end of spoiler*
He is your modern and updated Spider-Man, but he's still your classic Peter. He even cried a couple of times. Yes, when you get Tom Holland as Spider-Man, you get the complete package.
Like I said, Tom did it. Jolly good show, Tom.
*hats off to tom*
 Plus can we just take a second to appreciate how low-key adorable he is....

~The overall story, I feel, was engaging and very thought out. Some of the problems I get when I try (yes, I do try) to watch other super-hero movies (HEMcaptainameicaAHEM), is that they don't have enough plot to satisfy me. Well, there's plot, I guess. But it's just a bunch of fighting plot, and not enough interesting plot. I feel like I can't even get to know the hero because everything is moving too fast and everyone is punching and shooting, but where's the emotion? Where's the personality? Where's the heartbreak? I just can't find it. But in Spider-Man: Homecoming, I found it. The excitement and violence did NOT outweigh the touching parts, and we were actually given a chance to resonate and connect with who Peter is supposed to be as a character.

-"I just want to be like you!"  -"I want you to be better."
~This movie was funny! I loved the kind of humor that Peter's friend, Ned, brought to the picture. There were some scenes that I just laughed right out loud. It was just enjoyable like that. I get a little tired of crude and rude humor in movies. But thankfully, this movie wasn't like that (for the most part). It was genuinely hilarious. It was the perfect blend of serious stuff and funny stuff, which (to me), is what a good super-hero movie should be like.

I also like how Ned knew Peter was 'The Spider-Man'. It brought a lot of humor into things, and it was kind of a refreshing change from the first Spider-Man movie with Tobey Maguire when literally no one knew who he was. I guess I'm glad that Peter wasn't alone in this one. Several people knew who he was, actually.

What I Didn't Like (yes, there were a few things):
~Aunt May. I did not like Aunt May. No offense to the actress who played her in the movie, but I prefer the older, friendly, understanding, granny-type Aunt May. This one was... weird. And annoying. She didn't seem like your typical 'aunt' at all. I mean, I know everything is supposed to be redone and modern and updated in this movie, but couldn't we keep the 'old Aunt May' theme? This one seemed more like Peter's older sister! Plus, to me, the two didn't have the aunt/nephew chemistry at all. Every time she tried to encourage him, or give him a hug, or just be his aunt that we've always loved, it was just... so... weird. It didn't seem right. :P

~There was one more little thing: I wish that the movie had shown more of Peter helping and saving people. There wasn't anything BIG that he was able to help with. In fact, he messed a lot of things up. It almost seemed like Spider-Man wasn't a big deal to anyone at all. Aren't superheroes supposed to be heroes to people? I do realize that the movie was portraying how young and naive and immature he's supposed to be, but I feel like they could have made him be a bigger help to random people in general.

 Ok, last of the dislikes:
~I did not like Peter's high school girlfriend/crush, Liz. Ok, I didn't hate her. I just didn't feel like she was right. Kind of like Aunt May, she didn't seem to go with Peter. She wasn't terrible, but I think they could've done much better. She was no MJ. Also, it was kind of weird that she's like, 8 years older than him (in real life, not in the movie) and I could kind of tell it. But I do like the way Peter acts around a girl he likes. It's pretty funny. XD

Violence & Other Content:
~I didn't enjoy the generous amounts of language sprinkled throughout this movie. Why are superhero movies like this? Can't they just be clean? Anyways, you have to watch out for cuss words. Because there are some, including an unfinished f-word (please, Marvel. Please), crude comments made by high schoolers (you know how they are... in the movies, anyways), rude nicknames for Peter, and your usual d-word, h-word, a-word, and more that I can't remember. It wasn't an unbearable amount of language, but I gotta say that a language filter would be nice to watch this movie with.

~As far as violence goes, it didn't seem super intense or graphic to me. I'm not used to watching Marvel movies, you understand, so I don't rightly know what kind of violence levels are in all of them. But anyways, in spite of a few small things, the hitting and punching and shooting wasn't the worst I've ever seen in a movie.
A guy gets disintegrated by some kind of matter-dissolving ray gun (that sounds pretty cheesy when I type it), Spider-Man gets beat up a couple of times, of course (he's the 'good guy', after all). People scream when there's a disaster on a ferry, a store almost gets blown up, etc. You know. The usual.

That's almost all I had to say, but here are A Few Other Things:
I liked the villain: Not too cheesy, interesting enough. I liked his bad-guy costumes, too.
I liked Michelle: She's always... just... there. With funny comments. "You guys are losers..." "I can't believe you guys are at this lame party."
I liked Tony Stark: Or as the internet calls him, 'Papa Stark'. I love his role as Peter's mentor figure, and the way he sweeps in with his fancy suit all the time.
I liked the high school setting: All the teenager vibes, backpacks and school hallways. Sticky notes, pencils, notepads, gym bleachers. You know.
I liked Peters super-cool super-suit: I do feel like the spider symbol thingy could have been more epic looking, but the rest of the suit and all it's gadgets was pretty cool. Karen was hilarious. :)

I kind of expected to enjoy this movie because of my partiality to Spider-Man, and I did. It was put together well, the acting was splendid on everyone's part, I laughed out loud and even almost cried once. It was quite a fun time all around because I usually don't watch superhero movies at all, much less in theaters. So it was pretty great. Would I recommend this movie? Yes. Even if you're not a superhero person (and I'm still not at all...), I dare you to go see this movie and not enjoy it.

After all, this is what I said when my friend texted me and asked me how the movie was:
Me: "Well, there were a lot of funny little bits, mixed with touching bits, mixed with exciting bits, [plus Ned plus Tony plus Karen] and altogether it made a pretty enjoyable movie."
And so.
I think I've said my piece. If you've read all the way to the end, congratulate yourself.
Bye, friends!

But first... just look at those glasses... look at them.

 Ok. Bye.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer 2017 // Favorites // I'm Back, Guys!

Well, that was a fun summer.
Between re-watching my favorite detective shows, teaching little kids about Jesus, going to a cabin with my best friend, and being annoyed at my neighbor's continuous fireworks during Independence Day festivities, I've had a pretty adventurous summer.
Let me apologize for any of you who feel neglected because I didn't comment on your posts, or didn't respond to YOUR comments, or not posting on my blog at all. It's been a very interesting summer for me, but I appreciate all of your patience!
From now on I think you can look forward to more (kind of / almost / semi) regular posts from me. :)
Thus I welcome you to the post in which I share what I have done or been interested in this Summer. Enjoy!

As I've told you guys before, this Summer I've been busy with ministry. Specifically, children's ministry. I was able to go all around my home town and teach clubs and share Jesus with children, which was very rewarding! I had some great clubs this year for sure. :) Although I'm sad that Summer's over (which means I won't be involved in them anymore), Awana will be starting in a couple of weeks at my church, and I am very excited for that! 

Teach the children, 
so it will not be necessary 
to teach the adults.
~Abraham Lincoln
Like I said up there, I have been re-watching my favorite detective shows. Those consist of: Sherlock BBC, Monk, and Columbo. Heck, I even watched the Psych pilot episode!
I think my favorite has to be Sherlock, but I hate to say that, because I really like Monk and Columbo too. They're all good in their own ways.
Anyways, in a future post (and believe me, I have like 52 drafts of 'future posts' that are all wondering if they're ever going to get published because I am a very mean author) I would like to do kind of a comparison post of my three favorite detectives, but I don't even have a rough draft for a post like that yet. But hey, it could be fun. :) 

Guys. Please tell me something.
Why do I like Spiderman at all? For some reason, out of all the super-hero-people, Spiderman is the only one I'm actually interested in, the one that I don't hate. Why is that?!
#don't mind me over here sometimes i just don't even understand my own self
Well, I don't hate ALL the super-people. I kind of like Superman too, because he was a big part of my childhood. And he's been around forever. *shrug* I don't know, guys. But anyways, I saw Spiderman Homecoming the other day, and really enjoyed it! Now I don't have to worry about seeing spoilers anymore.  :)

Car & Driving~
Yes, my friends. I have been driving. What a unique thing to do.
No really, you might remember that I bought my first car, which is pretty fun. Sadly, however, I didn't get to drive my car a lot when I first got it, because I was away doing my ministry things a lot, and there was always someone else to drive me places.
But that's all over with. I am home now. No one is picking me up, and no one is dropping me off. I am now driving my own car.
And it's. So. Fun.
Oh, the ability to go places. Like Starbucks. And the thrift store!
I realize I'm making a ridiculously big deal about a very trivial thing. Driving a car is very ordinary. But right now, it isn't ordinary to me. It's a novelty. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm quite young, and enjoying the little things in life is very important to me.
Yes, driving will be boring one day.
But right now? Pardon me while I live a little. Now goodbye. *rolls up window*

Star Wars~
I finally watched all of the Star Wars movies. Boy, oh boy. *whew!* *wipes sweat from forehead* What a ride. I did kind of a marathon thing with some friends to finish them all up, and boy. I'm getting tired all over again just thinking about that night.
I don't want to share too many opinions, because I'm trying to get a post together for like a review on all the movies. I don't know how that's going to work, but I'm trying. Overall, though, I have to say that Star Wars is still not my thing, but I did enjoy them. Well, most of them. But we'll talk about that in said Star Wars post. If I can get all my thoughts together.

Cabin in the Woods~
I already talked about this a bit in another post from awhile back, but it deserves a mention in this post as well, because even though it happened back in May, I still consider it apart of my Summer, and will always remember it as such. It was a great four-and-a-half days of getting wet in the river, collecting teeny tiny shells, reading books, using outhouses (heh, heh...), taking aesthetically pleasing Instax pictures, and collecting lots of foam letters (don't ask). It was a great time. 

Photo Credit: ME
As far as 'making' stuff, I haven't been doing a LOT of creative things lately, other than having fun with makeup, but I did make this crown. Before you ask, yes. My fingers hurt quite a bit after making this.

Photo Credit: ME
I Have Read NO BOOKS~
All Summer. Not. One. Book. Do you see Mansfield Park, and The Potato Peel book up there in that picture? I HAVE NOT READ THEM. Although I have owned them for months now. How terrible is that? Well, I did read my Driver's Guide (for the second time around). But that doesn't count. If it does, then it had the worst plot I've ever read.

I Have Not Written a Word of my Book~
And my Characters are mad at me. I can feel it. They're really, really mad. They refuse to speak to me. All summer they have been lost in nothingness, with no purpose. No life. No... nothing. Because I didn't write a word.
I am a terrible Keeper of Characters.
Forgive me, characters.
*dies dramatically of shame*

I Have NO Money~
This Summer was a little different for me because I had no money. I was qutie poor. Like, no-more-than-12-bucks-in-the-bank-at-any-given-time type of poor.
See, I spent almost all I had on my car and its expenses at the beginning of June, and then the ministry work that I did was all volunteer work, which meant I didn't get paid, which meant I couldn't work at my regular job, which meant I had no money all Summer.
Which meant that I had to find other things to amuse myself in my spare time that did NOT involve money. But it was a great time of growth, I think. I learned to be a bit of a minimalist, and I got to appreciate what I already had, without spending a thing. God surely uses everything. :)

And a Few Other Things~

  • Pusheen Cat. For some obscure reason, I love Pusheen Cat.
  • Singing, "Hey it's ok, it's ok, you're welcome!" from Moana every time someone says "Thank you".
  • Little kids. Just children in general. They have squishy faces. I love them.
  • Dramatic people. I could never be like them, but it's fun to watch them.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch. No more words needed.
  • Looking forward to Fall. And Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.
That's about it I think. Like I said up there, I'm sorry for having almost no posts for all those weeks, but I am back now, and ready to shower you with lots and lots of interesting things...
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a half-eaten donut from this morning that I must finish eating, if I don't want it to go stale.
No one likes a stale donut.


p.s. That kind of sounded like a Blimey Cow closing sentence... 

p.p.s. Also, I recently wrote a more updated About Me page. If you want to go look. :) 

Monday, July 10, 2017

I Have Watched The Forbidden Princess Movie (A.k.a. BATB)

 Hello, friends! Are you all doing ok without my posts? I'm sure you are. It's been an up-and-down kind of summer for me. But it's not over yet! I have heaps of posts to share with you all, but I still have another couple of weeks of ministry to be involved in, so I don't think I shall have time until August or so.
But anyways!
But let's get back to the point of this post.
I have done it, friends. I have gone and watched Beauty and the Beast!
And, surprise, I have OPINIONS.
Brace yourselves.
Let's divide said opinions into categories, shall we?

Belle: I think Emma Watson did a good job. I have some friends who told me that her singing voice is terrible, but I disagree. I thought she had a kind of sweet voice. I know it was probably partly fake, but, you know.
She was also really pretty and the part was played well, in my opinion.

The Beast: I COULD SEE MATTHEW CRAWLEY. Every time I saw the Beast's face, I saw Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey. Most of you probably know that I don't watch the show (as of yet, anyways), but I still know who some of the people are. I also think the face of the beast was a good job, because the face almost made him human-like. And sometimes he was almost handsome, which would be probably be hard considering his costume. So that was a win for me. The rest of him looked fake at times, but it wasn't too bad.

Gaston: Please. You must allow me.
You sang it in your head, didn't you? You can sing it out loud if you want. I won't judge.
Initially, as much as I like Luke Evans (Bard the Bowman, anyone?) as an actor, I didn't think I would like him as this part, because I thought that the perfect person to be Gaston would have to be Henry Cavill (a.k.a. 'the superman dude').

See what I mean? So I kind of expected to not like Luke Evans at all. But you know what? 
I did.
He did a splendid job with the whole business. He is so good at acting angry. Actually, I thought he was better at acting angry than he was at acting arrogant. But overall he was really good, and he acted perfectly nuts for the part. Bravo, Evans Sir. *claps for evans sir* Forgive me for doubting you. *bows*

LeFou: Yes, yes. This is he. The *guy* that we've all heard about. Fortunately, I don't think the gay 'agenda' thingy was exactly glorified through his part, but you could definitely pick out a few specific moments where you're like "Oehh that was a g.a.y. p.a.r.t.....", as well as parts where he 'looked up to' Gaston a little too much. Also I somehow got the idea when I was reading the articles about the so-called 'gay agenda' going on that there was something explicit in the movie...? But there wasn't. Which I was glad of.
As far as the character was played, I think Josh Gad did a really good job. He made it a funny and enjoyable time throughout. It's funny also, that I know someone I work with whose name is Josh, and he looks almost exactly like Josh Gad, with the same build, same face, and everything. It's kind of creepy watching 'josh' in the movie the whole time. XD

Look at the costumes. LOOK AT THEM.
There are obviously more characters than these in the movie, but these were the main ones that I wanted to touch on.

Costumes (Mostly Belle's):
One thing I appreciate about the costumes in this movie is that BELLE ACTUALLY HAD A NUMBER OF OUTFITS. Instead of just, like, three. All of which were lovely. When Cinderalla came out, I kind of got sick of the same old blue.... But Belle wore different colors. There wasn't a HUGE array of costumes for her, but I still like the amount they had. 

I've heard more than one person/blogger talk about how they thought Belle's dress looked cheap. I personally don't think so, and it looks better when you're actually seeing it in action during the movie. I thought it was a pretty good job. The bodice is not the best (what is that shiny plastic-y striped/layered business?! :P )

But anywho, I thought all of the costumes were well done. I loved the part at the beginning when all of the guests where in the Prince's palace and they had on their fabulous dresses.
AND ALSO. I must mention Belle's dress at the VERY END.

Sadly, there is not a lot of pictures around the internet for me to show you what I mean. :P But this whole scene was beautiful, just for the record. And everyone else's costumes were good too. Even all the men's. I love the whole kind of 'colonial' vibe.

The music was really nice. I like how they kept some of the original songs from the animated movie (only with different voices of course), but they also added in a few new ones, which I thought were sweet and pretty.
It was funny because on the way home me and my sister were singing all the songs over again together while I was trying to drive home from the movie theater on the highway, and my mom was like:
"Amaris, focus on driving, not on singing."
Me: "Okeeyyyyy"
But it was a good time. We all enjoyed it.
Also the dancing parts were very pretty.

This was a very beautiful, enchanting, good movie. I enjoyed it.
There were some kind-of-magical moments (such as the part where the beast turned into a prince, etc.), and they were not too cheesy, thank heavens. Speaking of that 'transformation scene', ^^ I had really high expectations for that part, and it fell a leeetle short, but it wasn't too bad.

Also on 'high expectations', one thing that I was REALLY disappointed in (like, more than Belle's dress, which wasn't that bad, and more than the transformation scene, which was also not that bad), was the LIBRARY.

I was SO looking forward to that HUMOUNGOUS and beautiful white and blue and golden hall with like a million books, but this version was extremely disappointing. :P :P :P
It was almost ugly. And DREADFULLY small.
No, no, no.
(as if i had a million thumbs)

There were so many enjoyable aspects, however, in spite of the few things I have mentioned. It was the perfect picture of a fairy tale story, I enjoyed sitting back watching a classic villain, the beautiful heroine, the not-too-complicated plot.
It was a really beautiful movie, overall.
Great job, peeps.

That's all, friends. See you later!

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Ah, my blogging friends, forgive me for my negligence! I have had the most swimming adventure. I say 'swimming' because I actually did some swimming. In a river. With currents and everything. And my best friend had to save me. Hooray.
So I went to a remote cabin in the woods and spent four days there and swam in said river, which made my arms and legs hurt like the dickens the day after, but it was still all too fun to matter.
And I used an outhouse for the first time.
 #so fun
 #ya'll should try it
 #just kidding don't

And I played a ridiculously fun game called SPOONS during which you had to FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE because everyone practically killed each other trying to secure a blasted spoon for themselves and WE ALMOST BROKE A CHANDELIER PLAYING THIS GAME and which I had never played before but hip hooray for me because I beat everyone except my mom.

And I hung my clothes on an actual clothesline to dry in the sun.
And I drank 18 different bottles of soda pop in all sorts of outrageous flavors such as "MacFuddy Pepper Elixer" (which I actually enjoyed--call me a liar if you want to), and "Candy Bacon Soda Pop" (You can Google these if you don't believe me) and "Caramel Soda Pop" and "Shirley Temple Soda Pop" and basically ALL THE SODA POPS.
And I don't even 'drink' soda.

Not my image...
And I took lots of beautiful photos with my Mini 8 Instax Camera to keep the memories forever... and I also took some pictures with another camera that I took with me and I wanted to show some of them to you but I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO UPLOAD THEM I'M SORRYYYYYYYYYY


And when I got back from my 'weekend of weekends', I did something ELSE very exciting... Well, first I had the stomach bug (which was NOT exciting, believe me), but after that, .......
I also...........
 drumroll, please...........
I bought my first car!!!!!!! HOORAY!!! :D
*lots of confetti and fanfare*

Aren't I so grown up?!?!?!?!?!? (No, don't answer that. We both know I'm not).
Do you realize what has happened?!
Do you know what this means?!
I can now go places.
Did you hear me?

#so excite
#much happy
#very drive

I apologize for the obnoxious way in which I am portraying my excitement to you. I know I am really quite nuts.

I suppose I must now come to the real reason for this post. That is to warn you that you won't hearing from me for a couple of weeks. (There. Aren't I so proper now in warning you this time? Instead of just leaving you to wonder weather or not I've disappeared from the face of the earth. You ought to pat me on the back.) I am going away to a sort of training camp thingy (same as last year), and it will take up 90% or more of my Summer. Which leaves very little time for blogging and all that. If I can squeeze in a small post here and there, I'll be lucky.
But don't expect that.
I am blessed that the Good Lord has seen fit to give me His business to do, and I intend on making the most of it.
That was the real reason for this post. 

And now I must leave you.
I must get to packing.
Literally. Lots and lots of packing.
p.s. Forgive me for any grammatical errors in this post, but I haven't time to check myself. Hopefully all is well.

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