Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Story: The Hidden Queen

Inspiration for stories comes from many places.
Sometimes, I get story ideas from dreams.

It goes something like this: 
1.I have a particularly interesting and vivid dream.
2.For the next few nights, whenever I go to bed, I fantasize on the ideas that my dream gave me. I play with the inspiration and imagine new scenes into it.
3.I add some more plot.
4. I add some more characters.
5.In the end, after all the tweaking, the story is pretty different from the original dream.
6.I actually start writing it. Whether I reach 'The End' or not is written in the stars.

And so, that's how my story "The Hidden Queen" came about.
(Except for the fact that I am horrible with that title jazz so I might change it.)
Outside of letters to friends, I never talked much about my stories to people, much less online. I guess I was always a little self-conscious, and I still am. But, my dream is to be a writer. I can't imagine NOT being a writer.

That's one reason I started a blog.
I've been writing for quite awhile now, but I never really stuck with the same story for very long.
It wasn't until about a year ago that I actually started to take writing a little more seriously. I loved books, I loved words, and I loved stories. I learned more about what a good story is made of. I began thinking in terms of 'outline' and 'plot points'. I gave my heroes something more to work for. I've learned to think in terms of 'the unexpected'.

When I write about my writing, it gets me motivated to write. Do you see? I know I need to share my stuff more. I need to not be shy. I need to be more bold with my writing if I'm ever going to get published.
So, in this post, I just wanted to introduce my {main} story to you. This story is the one I will mention the most, and it'll probably be the one I will have published first.
*stops for a moment and relishes the glorious thought of being a published author*

I also have two other stories going on, a futuristic story, and a detective story, but I probably won't talk about them as much because I don't want to share EVERYTHING, you know? If I share too much, it makes me un-motivated. You know what I mean?
*clears throat* Anyways.

For me, "The Hidden Queen" is unique...
...because it is the first story of mine that actually has a substantial beginning, middle, and end!
I haven't written very much of the prose, because I've been working on the outline. I like to have my whole story planned out before I write it down. But now I'm finished with that, and ready to begin the actual writing, from 'Once Upon a Time', to THE END. It will be a long, hard journey, but will you stay with me through until the end, when I can place my book in your hands and say: "Here! Read my story!"?!

I will share my inspirations and struggles along the way, until you can read the printed words yourself.
I might even offer some of my own tips and tricks! (I do know a few things about writing, you know, even though I've never been published!)
So that's my story. I hope you are properly intrigued.


  1. The Hidden Queen sounds like a good title for a story! And I can't wait to read it!

    I'm also trying to write a story too-I already have some of the characters up on my blog and some of my stories comes from dreams as well :)

  2. I really liked this post, Phoebe!!! I've been hearing about this story since you first started writing it, but seeing it on this post made it seem SO MUCH MORE official. I've always thought that if you finished any of your novels, it would be this one, because you've worked on it diligently,(unlike, *cough* me) but now it seems almost like you've given a date.("My book will be published March 15, do stand in line for an hour and buy it, please.")
    Talking about your stories definitely motivates you. I've come up with some of my best plot twists talking to you about it in an email.

  3. Thank you, Diana! :D Yes, I hope that posting about it occasionally will make me actually write more. Yes, this is the book I do plan to publish, even if I only self publish it. Hey! That's a good idea! About March 15th. Maybe, after November, I will try to get all the editing done by March 15th or something.
    Yeessss work on your story too! Because I want to read it!!!!!! :D


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