Saturday, January 23, 2016

How My Little Birthday Went...

So, yesterday was my birthday. I was born. All those years ago. Yay.
It was a splendid time, really.
I made a little cake for myself, I went to a quaint little French restaurant for lunch, I went and explored some little antique shops, I got some new 1940s style gloves with fur on them (thanks, mommy...), I listened to all of my Owl City albums, and as always, I was able to reflect on the incredible life God gave me 18 years ago.

(FYI, I didn't go to the French place in this picture specifically, you know. The one I went to wasn't pink-y like this. :P Ah well. But they did have pastries, which added to the Frenchy-ness! :D )

Then I got on my little computer of course and checked out all my friend's birthday wishes (thanks so much, friends!). Y'all are so nice. :)
Then I did some crafts, and made myself a necklace...

And I did a little bit of writing (yes, even on my birthday, on my free day, because I'm a good little writer...) and it turned out pretty good.
Halfway through a scene, my sister walks in, and asks the horrid question that every writer dreads: "So what's your story about, anyways? Why's it called 'The Hidden Queen'?"
Me: "Well, it's about this queen who has to go undercover to save the brother that she hates."
Sister: "Why does she hate her brother?"
Me: "Because she thinks he killed her husband."
Sister: "... well did he?"
Me: "No."
Sister: *stares into space for a second*
Me: "So are you intrigued?"
Sister: (still staring at the wall. Smiles slowly.) "Yeah..."

So if I finish my book and it turns out crummy, I'll know that at least my sister likes it. *smiles smugly* Hehe. :)

Speaking of books, the best thing about my birthday is that everyone (meaning, all of my family) knows that they must get me books.
You'll never see me buy a book for myself around December or January, because that's when people are supposed to give me books.
That's why I didn't do a post or anything on the books I got for Christmas, because I knew I'd get some more for my birthday so I'll just do a post on them all together. :) I'm having the rest of the fam over in February, and they'll probably give me some more books then, so I'll do my little 'Books I Got' post after that. Ok? Think you can wait that long? Wonderful.

Oh, and here's my cake. :) I was trying to make them look like hydrangeas. I think I made the leaf icing a little too bright, but over all I think this year's birthday cake turned out nice. I might do a post on my other blog about the cake, so stay tuned. :)

I would show you a pic of the cake I made last year for my birthday, but I didn't take a picture of it! Can you believe that?!

So after a nice long day of cake and books and Frenchy-ness and vintage stuff... I went to bed quite satisfied with my life. God's in His heaven, and all's right with the world (almost).

Till next year. :)


  1. Happy Birthday Phoebe! I cannot believe how many blogger's birthdays are in January. I've counted four, including my own!
    Your day sounds perfect: antique shops, French stores, and a craft(which looks really pretty!). I really like that you made your own cake; I'm always telling my mom that it would be more fun if I got to make it instead of her making it for me! And I love your two-toned hydrangeas. It's nice to have a little color in January. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a WONDERFUL day!!! Love the cake. :-) And of course I'd be very interested to read what books you received - books are always part of my birthdays, too. :-)

    Happy (late) Birthday!!!! :-)

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday!! I loved reading about your day. What a beautiful cake! And the writing bit made me laugh. I, too, always have at least one fan of my writing: my sister :)

  4. Happy late Birthday, Phoebe! ;) I love your beginning sentences: "I was born. Yay." XD
    Oh, I hate that question. HATE it. My answer is always long and drawn-out, and it probably doesn't make any sense either. I usually just end up telling whoever it is about my characters. :)
    Your cake is so pretty! :D I like the hydrangeas. The birthday cake I had was a hobbit hole cake. :)
    Well, I need to go; school, you know. So ta-ta, thanks for posting!

  5. Lovely blog post! I enjoyed it very much and am happy to see that you had such a pleasant!:)

  6. I want to have a birthday styled and arranged by you! Haha. Because yours sounded delightful! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! Happy (late) Birthday from me. :)

    Your necklace is DARLING and that cake is so cute! (And much better than I could ever do!)

    Your blog is so charming. However, I am getting distracted here, what I wanted to tell you is that I tagged you at my blog:
    I do hope you will consider filling it out. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy all your new books! :D


    1. Oh, thanks, Cordy for your compliments. I usually go to the movie theater to see a movie as well, but unfortunately there wasn't anything out that I wanted to see. :P Anyways.
      I do thank you for tagging me. :) I was going to do the Christmas one you tagged me for (I WAS, I SWEAR), but then I got really busy and before I knew it... Christmas was over. :P So I thought it might be awkward/weird to still do it. But I'd love to do this one, so thanks! :D

    2. We usual go to the movies to celebrate my grandpa's birthday. It always helps if it's a movie that I'm actually interested in...which is rare. :P

      Please! Don't apology for being busy around Christmas!! Haha. Much as I would have liked to see your tag answers, I think it's an unwritten rule that one cannot be in the 'Christmas Spirit' until one has become busy with Christmasness! :D It was rather a difficult time to do a tag anyway so no worries! :)

      I'm looking forward to your answers!



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