Friday, May 27, 2016

You Know You're From 2016 When...

Here are a few things I have noticed are popular this year:

In 2016, you see the word "Hello..." 
and the next thing you think is:
 "...from the other siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide..."
If I'm walking through the store, and I hear
the song, I think: "I know this song..." and I
silently sing along in my mind because I never
know the songs in the store but here's one I definitely know 
for whatever reason so I shall sing my heart out... in my head.

In 2016, you know all about the new Captain America: Civil War movie.
Even if you are NOT a Marvel fan. 
You don't even follow any superhero boards on Pinterest, 
yet somehow you manage to get Civil War pins on your feed.
Fun story: so my mom likes Civil War history (like, the 1850s kind), so we were 
driving past a movie theater and the sign said "Civil War" 
on the movie list but it didn't say the
"Captain America" part, so she thought it 
was about the actual Civil War and she said,
 "Hm. I wonder wonder what that 'Civil War' movie is about?"
And I'm like,
 " that's a 'Captain America' movie, mom......." 
And she's like "Oh..........."

 p.s. bonus: you have no idea who Bucky is, 
but you hear about him ALL THE TIME.

Except no...

In 2016, everywhere you go (at least in the US), and I mean everywhere you go,
there are stuffed blue tang fishes and stuffed clown fishes 
and stuffed shark fishes (shark fishes... did I really just say 'shark fishes'...)
 and fish gummies, and clown fish Pez dispensers
and ocean blue T-shirts because:
Finding Dory, everybody.
You all remember Finding Nemo coming out, and now, 
thirteen years later, they got another one.
Seriously though, it's making feel old. 
And I'm too young to feel old.
Stop it, Pixar. 

Yaaaayyyy can't waaaaaiiiiit!!!

In 2016, there is this thing called BOHO, my friends, and 
America decided this Spring that BOHO is the fashion 
so every fashion store you go to,
and even in the craft stores everything's like
"Stay in style with our trendy Boho jewelry... or clothes.... or papercrafts... or whatever."
Because BOHO is definitely the style this year.
As far as my opinion goes, I sort of have a love/hate relationship
with the Bohemian style. Some of it's 'ok', but  
I don't absolutely LOVE the hippy-ish, bum-ish, 'carefree' look. 
I don't know. *shrug* What do you guys think of it?

The movie itself came out in 2015 but still in '16 Star Wars is all the rage.
I have never seen any of the Star Wars in all my life, can you believe that?
I still know everything about it (and probably all of the twists,
I'm pretty sure...), like all the characters and
plots because I hear about it everywhere.
It's not like I'm not allowed to watch it,
I've just never been a fan of Sci-fi stuff,
so I never got around to seeing it. Still haven't.
Perhaps I don't have a good reason to watch it.
Give me a good reason to watch Star Wars,
and maybe I will. ;)

In 2016: There is now such a thing as 'adult' coloring books/magazines.
I'm pretty sure they came out last year, but they are pretty popular this year.
I have a few of my own actually.
I put off buying any because I don't usually get into 'fads' like that.
Fads fade away eventually, and then
they leave everyone with all the stuff they bought
and wondering why did they spent all their money on something
that wasn't going to last...
But hey.
I only live once!
Here are the two that I got:

Some of the coloring books out there are WAY to intricate for me to enjoy.
These two that I have are intricate enough. I'm pretty sure they'll last
me ten years together because it takes so long to complete one page.
I've heard actual 'adults' say that they
didn't like the 'adult coloring books' because
they were too detailed.
I think they are fun to color, though.

I was sort of trying to make it look like this dress.

Well, that's all I had to show you! What else defines '2016' for you? What sort of fads are you enjoying? I'd like to know!
Oh, and one more update!
I got some pets for myself. :) I had hamsters before when I was 12, and they lived until
I was 16. I've been missing those old hamsters lately, so I got
me some new ones. :)
My mom says that an 18-year-old with a paycheck is a
dangerous thing. She is so right!

I'm not going to tell you their names. I'm sure you'll laugh if I do. :)


  1. Now I want to know the hamster's names!! :-)

    YES ABOUT ADELE. Although I think, 'It's me' after I hear the word 'Hello.' (I love Adele. :-D) YES ABOUT Captain America (WHO IS BUCKY?????) and Star Wars. Ughhhh, I'm tired of hearing about Star Wars. :-P

    Loved this post! Quite clever. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  2. I'm glad you like the post, Naomi! :D
    I sort of kind of know who Bucky is. You see, we tried to watch the very first Captain American movie (but turned it off halfway through because it was boring and violent), and Bucky is supposed to be Steve's best friend, but he dies, and now in these newer movies APPARENTLY he 'comes back' or something, and is now evil. That's all I know. :P And all I WANT to know. :)
    I'm glad you understand about Adele. I don't listen to ANY of her stuff (except for the occasional 'Hello'), but she sure is pretty. :)
    Have you actually seen Star Wars? If not, then you'd be the only person I've found so far that hasn't ever seen it besides me. We'll be a two-person club. :D

    1. Oh okay. Thanks for explaining. :-P
      I don't like all Adele's songs; but I love her voice. (Sooooo many of her songs are about break-ups, though, and it gets boring. :-P)
      Hahaha, No! I haven't! :-D

  3. Hahaha! Yep, this pretty much sums up 2016. �� I don't really listen to Adele, and I haven't heard the Hello song yet. I do love the song she did for a newer James Bond film, Skyfall. It's really awesome and she has a really unique voice and singing style that I like.

    I'm in both the Star Wars and Marvel fandoms. I have a whole side of my family (my moms side) who will have nothing to do with sifi, so I understand where you're coming from. �� BUT I love Star Wars, and I think that the original three movies were a huge part of American culture and movie making culture, so I consider them classics that should make it on everyone's watched list. If that's not reason enough, it's got good humor and character development, something that I'm just starting to appreciate as a writer. Sorry about this long comment! �� -Abbie

    1. Also sorry about the typos (sci-fi) and the smiley faces that didn't work. XD

    2. Abbie:
      Meh, I don't 'listen' to Adele either. I don't really listen to anyone who's not 'Christian'. I just know who she is, and I know about 'Hello' because of just hearing it in random stores. And sometimes I see a pic of her on Pinterest.
      I realize, and I'm very happy for all of you 'nerds' who are excited for all of the 'Civil War' stuff going about. As for me, I am positively indifferent. *sips tea*
      You are right, that Marvel and the Star Wars movies have been a big part of American Television and the movie industry. Just like Westerns, which I don't care for either. (what's the matter with me, anyways?! :P) Don't you worry, Abbie, one of these days I'll watch Star Wars, and I'll probably do a post on 'em so that I can let you know what I think. :)
      What are you talking about?! Long comments are the best!

  4. Once again...Great post..*Clapping* I can't really think of a "Fad" that I am enjoying tho. I don't really go in for that kind of thing myself...But I have some obsessions let me tell you. :D My mom worries about me... :D

  5. If you haven't seen the Captain America movies, then don't read this! Bucky is Cap's BEST FRIEND, and "dies" (from what I remember about the first movie) then in the winter soldier movie, he comes back trying to kill Captain America. And how he came back to life was because of hydra?? I think!😊 I have FOUR OLDER BROTHERS SOOOOO that's why I know all of this! Also great post! Love reading them but wish you posted more on your craft blog😞 BTW you didn't tell me that you got MORE HAMSTERS!!

    ~Babs (or McAdoodle!)

  6. Oooh man! I forgot about you reading this post, Babs! I was going to surprise you with the hamsters next time you came over!!! Well now that you've seen them, how do you like them?! :) I'll tell you the names next time I see you. :)
    I watched most of the first Captain America movie, so I kind of know what that Bucky guy is all about. And I've also heard from various places that he turns evil, or something. But that's all I know. :-|
    Anyways, thanks for the comment!! It made me smile. :)

  7. WHO is BUCKY???? WHERE is BUCKY???? ;) I'm dying to watch Civil War.
    Mwahahaha, I'm pretty sure you get half of that Star Wars talk from me. ;) And YOU KNOW why you should watch them. Because they're classics, and they're hilarious(in many ways...funny dialogue, funny characters, and funny sets and props that are so OBVIOUSLY fake but they thought were so real 20 years ago) and also it's pretty interesting. :) I grew up on them, so yeah.
    FINDING DORI!!! :D Finding Nemo was also a movie I 'grew up on', and I can't wait to see this one. Btw, on a totally unrelated topic(actually, movies, so kinda related) I saw a trailer for Beauty and the Beast the other day. And wouldn't you know it, THEY DIDN'T GIVE ME A SINGLE GLIMPSE OF BELLE. OR BEAST. OR EVEN BARD*cough* GASTON. You just see scenes of Beast's house; a pair of stately doors, a once-fine room, a scratched portrait of a young Prince... and then a rose, encased in a glass. And in the reflection, you see a warped image of Belle... THAT'S IT. Talk about indignation!
    Yeah, I don't really do fads. Except my own, which are always clothing fads, and always associate with colors. For example, four years ago, I got like 6 teal-ish blue T-shirts, a jacket, and a pair of shoes. Two years ago, I fell in love with coral and navy blue. So I have a lovely navy blue ruffly skirt that I love, and two coral shirts which are not so much my favorites, but I still wear.
    What are your hamsters' names????
    this is a long comment. isn't it.
    So goodbye.
    Love, Di
    P.S. GUESS WHAT BOOK I HAVE IN MY (temporary) POSSESSION. BLACK. But my mom isn't sure she wants me to read it. ISN'T THAT FRUSTRATING. IT IS WITHIN MY REACH. AND I CAN'T BEGIN IT. GRR.

    1. Diana:
      You needn't worry about me, I know exactly who Bucky is. I just don't TALK about him, and I don't LOVE HIM TO DEATH like some of the peeps on Pinterest seem to. You know I'll watch Star Wars sometime. You'll be the first to know.
      What do you mean?! They give us a glimpse of Belle! At the very end, you can see Emma Watson's face! I know how you feel, however. I'm dying to see more... this reminds me of the Hobbit trailers. Remember, we used to memorize the lines before the actual movie even came out? Hm? Remember, chum? We shall do the SAME thing with this movie!
      I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE BARD (Oh, pardon me *clears throat*) I mean GASTON.

      On a separate note, about color fads, I don't do those either, I just wear what I LIKE. I like light pink, and cream, and light blue, and grey, so that's what I'm going to wear, fad or no fad, for the rest of my life. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT.

      Fine, I'll tell you the Hamster's names. But you'll laugh, and everyone who reads this comment for years and years are going to scoff at me for how silly I am. There names are: Shermy, and Smee. The darker brown is Shermy, because it's just a cute name, and I kind of like it. His 'full' name is Sherman, but Shermy is what I call him most of the time because it's cuter. So the lighter one is Smee. I told one of my friends his name, and she was like "Oh, You mean from Peter Pan?" So I said, "What? Uh, no..." and then I remembered there's this Pirate in Peter Pan (the old one) named Mr. Smee, and I forgot all about him until she mentioned it, because it's been a long time since I saw that movie. So I didn't name my hamster after Mr. Smee, I just named him Smee because I thought it was cute. So now you know, and everyone knows. HAPPY.

      p.s. Do you want me to talk to your mom about Black? Because I will. It's not called Black: The Birth of Evil, because of actual evil and blackness. I know that doesn't make sense, but it's just like the beginning of eternity, when God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit, but they did anyways, so then there was evil.
      And so the same thing happens in this book, except it's different.

  8. Yes! I know! My mom also thought Captain America The Civil War was about the 1800s Civil War. xD

  9. One good reason to watch Star Wars: THEY ARE HILARIOUS. They're not really supposed to be. They're supposed to be cool. But they make me laugh, not go "Woooooah, coooool"

    1. Victoria:
      You might be happy to know that the year of 2017 was the year I finally watched all of the Star Wars. :) They were ok... I guess. Not really my thing, but interesting at some parts. :)
      Thank you for the comment!


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