Friday, September 2, 2016

We R Memory Keepers Typewriter // Review

So, I had like five posts lined up, but then I realized that they aren't FUN posts, they are just my opinions on things. I really don't want to sound like some 'collage person' who throws heaps and heaps of majestic opinions on you guys, so I thought this typewriter review would shake things up a bit. :)

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I've been looking for a good typewriter for about five years now. My friend gave me an electric one a couple years ago, but it ran out of ribbon really quickly, and {alas} I couldn't find the right kind of ribbon on Amazon. :( So I wrapped it up and put it in my basement.

It was just about two months ago (I believe) that I heard that Michael's stores was carrying a new product: Typewriters from We R Memory Keepers, in pink and black!

Lately I've been especially frugal with my little bit of money so that I can buy a few CERTAIN NECESSARY ITEMS (*cough* a car), but I told my mom: "There is one last 'big' purchase I wish to make."
This typewriter was 200 bucks. And they wouldn't let you use a coupon.

Anyways. When I first brought it home and unboxed it, I was scared to death that I was going to break it on the same day. XD I mean, I expected it to be super fragile, and all it would take to break it to pieces and waste my two hundred dollars would be for me to put my little mitts on it.

Thankfully, this thing is really good quality. Heavy duty, and NOT cheap. Not cheap in price, nor in quality. In fact it's quite strong. I DID buy this thing brand new after all, not used at a thrift store.

I started typing right away.
It has all the standard symbols, letters and numbers, and the letter keys are in all the same places as a regular computer keyboard. The only exception would be a few of the symbols being in different spots. But it's not really hard to get used to.

There are no markers (or 'feelers') of any sort on the 'J' key or the 'F' key, as you would find on a standard keyboard, but I don't really have a problem without those. I suppose if a person REALLY needed the little markers to tell where the 'F' and 'J' are, then they could probably stick a tiny little sticker or something there to help them.
I kept mine the way it is.

Another noted difference that some might have to get used to is the pressure needed to type on these keys. If you can see those metal bars towards the top part of the typewriter, those are the letters that come up and hit the paper whenever you press a key. If you don't use a good amount of pressure (not TOO much, mind you), then you're letters will end up looking really light on the paper, or otherwise they just won't show up at all.

So that does take some getting used to, but honestly it's not super annoying. Your fingers just kind of get stronger as you type, and before you know it, you don't even notice the that you're doing it.
This is what it looks like with the right amount of pressure. 

When you first buy the typewriter, it comes with a few little plastic thingies that you need to remove before you start typing. Included in the box will be a piece of paper that tells you what you need to remove. The plastic things have been placed so that certain parts of the typewriter will stay in place while the box is being shipped to the store, to your house, or wherever.
Also, you get a typewriter manual that explains all of the keys and functions of the typewriter, as well as how to change the ribbon.

The typewriter also comes with a black and red ribbon already installed, so that you can start typing pretty soon after you unbox it.
Michael's and sells replacement ribbon in black as well as other colors. The typewriter has a switch that allows you to type with black or colored ribbon, as each ribbon comes with black as well as another color.
The replacement ribbons are $9.99, but you can use a coupon on them, thankfully!

The ribbon itself lasts {almost} forever. I've had this typewriter for about three weeks (and believe me, I've typed a LOT in that time), and I'm still using the ribbon it came with, even though I have already bought two replacement ribbons for whenever it runs out.
This is the kind of ribbon they used to use in all the retro typewriters. It's reusable fabric ribbon, so all you have to do when you get to the end of your ribbon is just put it on again, and it's good as new. You can see the words I have typed here. It's the same ribbon used 3 or 4 times, and it still types fine.
It's really quite economical. You get to save money on ribbon by reusing the same one over and over again.
I have yet to change the original ribbon even once.

The typewriter is a retro design, and I'm quite happy with mine. It types comfortably, it's SUPER CUTE, the ribbon lasts a really long time, it is NOT fragile. It's very well made, it's heavy, and it fits up to 12X12 inch paper (which is great news for scrapbookers).
Also, before I forget, I must tell you that when you come to the end of the line on your paper and it's time to return, there is an adorable little 'ding' that will go off wherever you have set the paper margin. :)
It was a punch right in the wallet to get it, but it is completely 100% worth the two weeks pay. :) I love it, I can't stay away from it, I can hardly pull my little fingers off the keys long enough to get anything productive done. My mom has had to come into my room at night before bed and tell me to 'stop typing because other family members are sleeping'. XD Sorry bout that, Mom.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. :)
See you in the next post!


  1. O MY GOODNESS, PHOEBE!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! <3 I have an old black typewriter, but the PINK!!! O I just love it!! <3 And your photos are so pretty! Gorgeous, girl. I had no idea Michaels would have something like this! Some of my keys stick and I need a new ribbon that I cannot find a replacement for. Maybe a new one is just what I need...someday. ;D

    1. I was really happy to get this one because I was rather depressed that my other old one didn't work anymore. :( But anyways, I think this means that I'm collecting them, now that I have two. I love your new profile pic, btw! :D

  2. So envious! It would be so cool to own my own typewriter, if for nothing other than the cool writery factor of it. :D :D Haven't used one in SO long.

  3. How fun! I can't say I've ever read a typewriter review online before! I love how cute and pink it looks. :) Do you think you'll feel more inspired when using a typewriter? Or what was your main reason for wanting one? Now I feel all inspired to dig up the old typewriter from the basement! :)

    1. Well, I get tired out really easily when I write by hand, (my fingers, and all), so yes, that is ONE of the reasons I got this typewriter. And I have been typing more since I got it. :) It IS more inspiring, in my opinion. But every writer is different.

  4. AHHHHHHHH It's SO SO SO pretty!!!!! Freaking out in jealousy right now. ;-P

    1. Well I'm glad you like it because the other post that I was going to publish instead was quite boring. XD

  5. OH I LOVE IT. It's so cute!!!!!
    I know what I'm saving up for. XD If my boots don't wear out and force me to buy another pair before then. :P Not that I'd be "mad" exactly, because you know my feelings regarding boots, but STILL.
    I want one of these.
    Yeah, I know what you mean about inspiring!!! There's a certain type of pen that I just looooove, but they're kinda expensive(as in, 2 dollars more for 6 than a 20 pack of cheap pens) so I don't have any. But when I have them, I write ten times more!!! I read somewhere that if you have a thing that helps you to write more, then sacrifice a little money into it, because it'll be worth it in the long run. :)


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