Sunday, October 23, 2016

A {Small} Antique Collection

Well now.
I can imagine your excitement at finally seeing another post from the Storybook Journal. I have taken a break from the internet, and I know it has been TOO LONG this time. The only thing I've had time for was a random Pin here or there. :)
Anyways, I'm back. About a week ago, while still Not Online, I went on a road trip. The place I went had a lot of antique stores in and around the area, so being a collector of people's old junk (a.k.a. "antiques") I was able to pick up a few articles for my collection.
For those of you who enjoy looking at old things as much as I do, read on. :)

First of all, I gotta say. The places I visited were really nicely decorated. I mean, there were whole corners and sections with frilly bed jackets and pretty lamps and hats and all SORTS of neat things.

Like, wow people.

Anyways, this FANCY place is only one of the places that we went to.
The articles I'm going to show you are in no particular order.

Typewriter Pencil Sharpener
The first one is the coolest and the best, in my opinion.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this (you know how I love typewriters), and I loved it even MORE when I turned it over and saw that THIS THING WAS A PENCIL SHARPENER. Of all the RANDOM purposes for this tiny typewriter! At least, it was random to me. 
It was 10 dollars, but worth every penny.

As you can see, the letter keys are in no order at all, which is quite amusing, but would be very confusing if I had to type on it. :)

I really like how it just looks so OLD and it is surprisingly detailed in the smallest places. 
The best thing about it is not that it's a sharpener. It's that the little paper roll-y thing actually ROLLS and it HOLDS A TINY PIECE OF PAPER. 

Looks like a full sized typewriter, no?
But it isn't. It's teeny tiny.  Less than 3 inches across. 

Ring Holder
This is holder is really too tiny to hold all of MY rings, but I thought it was cute just the same.

This one is about an inch and a half. You can see, I usually like to collect smaller antiques as opposed to big ones. This way I can keep my collection up and going without spending a ton of money. :) This ring holder, for instance, was like two dollars.

I really like all the designs that people used to put on postcards, and I like to pick up a pretty one when I can. Especially since they are so cheap. Each of these cost me a dollar.

The one with the palm trees is actually not a postcard, but it's just an old picture that I really like. I might even use it in a scrapbook sometime. :) 

Oh, and here's the back of the Tremonton, UTAH one. I don't know who this guy is, but his spelling and his cursive is really, really bad. XD  Also, notice the date is from 1946. That's the cool thing about postcards. You get to see exactly what year they're from without having to see an antique specialist. :)

 Cameo Heart Box

 This one I thought was really elegant and pretty looking. I do like cameos, but usually I don't collect them too much because why would I care about some random women on various decorative objects? I don't know, they're vintage and all, but they're just not my favorite thing. I do love this little box though. I keep all of my hanging earrings in it.

Egg Locket Necklace

This little egg necklace really caught my eye out of nowhere. I asked them to take it out of the locked shelf especially for me, so I could take a closer look at it. It's actually pretty heavy, and I feel like it wasn't made cheaply at all. Best of all, none of the rhinestones are missing!
And yes, the egg opens for whatever reason. I know, I know. It's perfect for Easter Sunday. I already thought of that! :D

Teacup Saucer
I like to collect teacup saucers because 1). They're easy to find in most antique stores, and 2). they make really pretty jewelry dishes. :) 

I think it was the gold filigree that made me want this one. Doesn't it look like something straight outta Pemberley?!

Envelopes With Stamps
Let me tell you something. I've been collecting stamps for nine years (wow... am I that old...?) and I have always had a fascination with old envelopes and old postcards and things. I have wanted some of those blue-and-red-stripey envelopes for a long time, but I wasn't able to find them! Fortunately, I found these four tied together at a store on my road trip. :) They are only a little bit dog-eared on the edges, and they smell deliciously old. Like an old chapter book. 

 I really like how they're not even used. Like, who puts stamps on their envelopes ahead of time? *shrug* I certainly don't do that.

 Small Jewelry Pouch (or coin pouch or whatever)
This one I actually didn't buy anywhere, but some friends gave it to me. I'm throwing it in here with this post since I'm talking about antiques and all. 
 I really like the little ribbon flower. And the embroidery is simple, yet very pretty! I never use it for actual coins though. I just let it sit for decoration. 

Flower Trinket Box

Ok, this is the last one. I really like how this one is smooth and pretty with the flowers, even though the purple one is missing a petal or two. I hardly even notice it unless I'm looking for it. I like to keep my stud earrings in this one because it's so small.

Well, that is all! I apologize for my absence, but do not fear. I am always around, even if I'm not on the internet!
Have a good day, peeps! :)


  1. Wow, what an amazing shop!!! You found some absolutely gorgeous things. :-)

  2. Wow, Phoebe! Did you take these pictures yourself? They are so elegant and beautiful! They're all very well done!

    Also I just wanted you let you know that I tagged you for the Q&A tag. It's optional, but I wanted you to know just the same. Here's the link for more information:

    1. Yep, all zee pictures were taken and edited by yours truly. Thank you for the tag! I know I'll have fun doing it. :)

  3. AWESOME!!! I enjoyed looking at these pictures, Phoebe!! You got some really nice treasures!! :D

  4. Yay! You're finally back!!! I have missed you.
    That little type-writer is so neat!!! And I really like that teacup saucer. So gold and pretty!!!
    Also, in the picture with the cameo heart box, is that a flower made of book-paper?? Did you make that??

    1. I actually didn't make the flower, some friends at church gave it to me. :) Thank you!


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