Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Thoughts On Something {I Thought} I Didn't Like

To say the least, sometimes I surprise myself.

I literally do not watch superhero movies. Ever.
It's just NOT my thing at all. I've tried to watch them before and ended up hating them. (Captain America.... *cough*)
This being the case, I was indifferent when my mom suggested watching "The first Spiderman" last weekend. (This is the original one from 2002 where Peter Parker first becomes Spiderman.)
Anyways, I was like "Ok, sure, fine, whatever." I really didn't care what we watched, and I wasn't planning on watching it anyways, but instead I wanted to do some crafts while the rest of my family watched.
"I'll only watch until the part where he becomes Spiderman." I said.

From the looks of this post, you can guess that I did end up watching the ENTIRE thing, because partway through I decided that I wanted to finish it.
And guess what.

No, I'm not going to be joining the "Marvel Fandom" anytime soon. No, you can not expect to see half a dozen "Superhero Posts" on the blog every week.  (Heaven forbid that!)
But I did have some interesting thoughts on this movie and I wanted to share them. 
I have to say though: this review is so different from what I usually post that it's weird. Like, you'll see my pretty sidebar and pictures of flowers and "Period dramas" and "Old Movies" and Random Prettiness and then...
A Spiderman post. XD
What is my life. 
 I mean, I guess you don't have to read it if you don't want to. It's all good with me. :)

I mentioned this is the movie where Peter Parker becomes "Spiderman". Keep in mind that I know nothing about the original comic stories so forgive me if my ignorance rears it's ugly head in this post as I attempt to discuss something which I know little about. *clears throat* Now let me get into all that I had planned to say.

So, this guy Peter Parker (played by Tobey Maguire, who did a really good job with the part- in my opinion) is an awkward bullied weakling at his high school. The only thing he's got going for him is that he has ONE solitary friend who always sticks by him. 
He also has a tremendous crush on a girl that he would never dream of trying to impress. After all, she has a boyfriend, and is popular and well-liked, so how could he possible ever ask her to go out with him? Alas, there are too many things in his way, too many things to hold him back. Plus he's really shy.

Need I say more?

The setup for the movie is really just a big cliche if you think about it. He lives with his aunt and uncle (no parents in the picture...), he's a dramatically unpopular science and photography nerd with glasses and a not-very-interesting persona.
Hmm. Where have I seen this scenario before? Try EVERY movie EVER. (Well not exactly. But you get what I'm saying.) 
Peter's school goes on a field trip to a science lab (of sorts) when a genetically modified spider drops by (uninvited) and surprise! Bites him. 

Well, he heads home and falls into some sort of stupor from the poison.When he wakes up, he realizes that he feels different...somehow.
He no longer needs glasses. In fact, he can see just fine. He has a strange ability to acutely detect the smallest movement or change of atmosphere around him. And his once wimpy sort of body is now stronger with the strength to scale walls and is also (need I say it?) more attractive. The funny thing is that he figures out all this stuff at the WRONG TIMES. Please, watch this 3 minute clip from the movie. You'll see what I mean. XD

 Oh, and his hands are sticky and able to cling to any surface. He can even spin webs with them. Imagine that. :)
Slowly, he makes himself accustomed to his new skills. This part of the movie probably has the funniest moments, as he begins to slowly change from regular life to the new superhero life. He's gotta protect his identity, figure himself out, and all that. It's quite funny, sometimes. I mean look at this and how cute and amusing it is. XD

Let's just say now our unpopular little friend has a very interesting way to spend his free time. His "buddies" at high school are noticing that he has changed (somewhat) for the better, and they stop bullying him as they realize that he is no longer the weak pushover her once was.

Don't mind me. Just goin' down my aunt and uncle's staircase. 
The public is beginning to notice him too, as he saves people from house fires and burglaries and such. He even gets himself a super spide-y suit! The best thing is, his crush notices he's different too, and likes it. Sadly, he still doesn't have the nerve to ask her out. (*sigh* Isn't that sad?)

Her face tho.

But things aren't all on the rosy side. A company owner (who happens to be the father of Peter's only best friend), desperate to save his dying industry and impress his investors, does something drastic to himself, accidentally turning himself into a super-villain (which is so totally NOT cliche).
On top of that, someone in Peter's family is killed in an accident, and it's (coincidentally) Peter's fault.
So now he's got a cheesy villain guy who's trying to kill him, and Peter has to protect the only family he has left. And maybe, just MAYBE, protect the girl he loves.

To whom it may concern, this is the guy who plays the voice of Gill in "Finding Nemo". Just thought I'd throw that out there.

I would LIKE to tell you more of the story, but I don't wanna spoil it for you.
In spite of Peter's scenario being a cliche, I feel like his character arc was written pretty well. I always like it when a character is different from who they were at the beginning. In the end Peter Parker has changed so much (and for the better) that you just love him because it's realistic.
The best part is, his crush LIKES him that way too. :)
She did a good job in this movie as well, by the way. I was quite impressed with the red hair. :)
(On a side note, I just found out that this is the same girl who plays Marie Antoinette from this movie.)

Lemme tell you why I tend to like 'older' action/superhero movies better than more recent ones. Because the new ones are seriously violent. I feel like the more we go through the 2010s, superhero movies get more violent and less meaningful. I mentioned that I didn't like the Captain America movies. Specifically, the FIRST one. Why, you ask? It was so violent (and the violence wasn't even that bad, just shooting and punching and stuff like that, but it was so OFTEN) that I didn't have time to enjoy Steve. The movie was too fast-paced, and I was swept along from one (violent) event to the next, and here is Steve who's TRYING at least to do the right thing for his country (I mean, he's Captain America...), but we hardly ever got to spend quality time with him and see his true character.
And I wasn't enjoying that.
So I turned the movie off.

When a movie is violent so often that I can't even get to know the characters or appreciate what they're going through, then I an forced to deem that movie unworthy of my time, and, sadly, it gets turned off and snubbed at. I'm pretty tired of movies like that.
It's what Hollywood is dishing out to us, it's what we have to deal with, and it's JUST SO DUMB.

Why can't they make superhero movies so that even peace-loving people like me can enjoy them?!
But no! Being on the explosions, they say!!!
* * * * * 
Now that THAT rant is over with, let me get back to Spider-Man.
I do have to say a few things I liked about Peter (at least THIS Peter, meaning the Maguire Peter):

1. He wasn't pretentious.
2. He cried sometimes.
3. He was adorable and funny and the cutest moron ever. Without trying to be.
4. He wanted to do the right thing.
5. He was sorry for his mistakes.

You see, I like to watch characters who give me GOOD REASONS to like them as a person.
And I will therefore cheer them on as they do their thing, and enjoy their movies immensely, because hey! This character is worth my precious time! 

Yes those are pizza boxes. Don't ask. XD

(Now that I have finally REACHED the bottom line...)
For all the reasons I mentioned above, even though I am an avid hater (well, "hater" sounds too harsh. Let's call me a "disliker") of all things Marvel, I really liked Spider-Man (2002). There wasn't a ton of violence (except for a LITTLE), there wasn't a ton of sexy things (except for a TINY BIT), and there wasn't a ton of cuss words (except for a FEW).
It was adorable and a little cheesy and a little dated, but BY GOLLY I LOVED IT.

There you go.
NOW DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME. *covers face in defense*

P.S. The best thing about seeing this movie is I FINALLY UNDERSTAND THIS GIF. And believe me, it's funny!

Bye now!


  1. This looks oddly fun. And yes, I read the entirety of this post. ;-)

    1. You read that whole thing?! Wow, I am so impressed! :D

  2. It's very cool to see that you've come a bit out of your comfort zone! *throws confetti in the air* Awesome!

    Spider Man is currently the only Marvel superhero I actually like. I've pretty much abandoned the Marvel fandom recently, because I realized how dumb and cheesy (sorry fans!) the new movies are, even though they're trying to be super cool and are getting rave reviews (ugh). One of my favorite superhero movies is Man of Steel, for a lot of the reasons you said that you liked this one. Clark Kent (Superman) spends almost the entire movie figuring himself out. We really get to see his character, and he's no longer a 2 dimensional handsome beefy dude with awesome powers, but a shy and quiet guy who wants to do what's best for the world, even if it means he has to die. He cries, he loves (non romantically for the most part), and he has regrets. There is action in the very beginning and end, but most of the middle is him and the world. It's much more serious than this Spider-Man movie, but I think it has a beautiful and touching story, besides cool graphics and "awesome action scenes." I think Marvel movies should be working on developing the former in their movies, since their movies tend to be all about the latter.
    So, yeah, sorry for posting another fangirl comment on your blog! �� Hopefully you haven't seen Man of Steel yet, but if you do let me know what you think! ❤️

    -Abbie C.

    1. Abbie:
      I totally agree with you! I guess Hollywood doesn't realize that NOT EVERYONE ON EARTH LIKES EXPLOSIONS and other violent stuff!
      I've been wanting to see Man of Steel lately. One, because I just like Superman (Even though my family doesn't like superheros, he's been a favorite in my house for years), two, because I've heard good reviews, and three, I really like Henry Cavill. He is just the best. :)
      We should get a petition to send to Hollywood that says IMPROVE YOUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT NOT YOUR CGI ACTION. Maybe they'd listen. XD
      Are you kidding? I love long comments! :D They're the best! I'm glad you're sharing your opinion. :)

    2. I can't believe I'm just getting back to this!

      Those are some good reasons for wanting to see it! Another thing I just noticed about MoS and BvS is the minimal bad language. Whereas Marvel movies (which are "geared towards children") seem to take every opportunity to add cussing in their movies, and even joke about it! Superman doesn't cuss once in either movies so far. I really appreciate that! I really like Henry Cavill too. *blush* What have you seen him in?

      You should definitely see it when you get an opportunity! My sister is planning on watching it for her birthday sleepover next week so I'm looking forward to that! We'll have some Marvel fans there too so that should be fun. *rubs hands together evilly* Too bad you can't come! :,(

      I should really write a Marvel vs DC post for my blog sometime. XD


    3. I can't believe I'm just getting back to this!

      Those are some good reasons for wanting to see it! Another thing I just noticed about MoS and BvS is the minimal bad language. Whereas Marvel movies (which are "geared towards children") seem to take every opportunity to add cussing in their movies, and even joke about it! Superman doesn't cuss once in either movies so far. I really appreciate that! I really like Henry Cavill too. *blush* What have you seen him in?

      You should definitely see it when you get an opportunity! My sister is planning on watching it for her birthday sleepover next week so I'm looking forward to that! We'll have some Marvel fans there too so that should be fun. *rubs hands together evilly* Too bad you can't come! :,(

      I should really write a Marvel vs DC post for my blog sometime. XD


    4. Abbie:
      Yeah, that's another thing I get tired of in modern movies. Language. :P But that's neat about Superman! I guess I should watch the movie now. :) I think my family will like it too, since Superman is a favorite of ours. :)
      I actually haven't seen Henry Cavill in anything (YET). But I've just kinda seen him around the internet and I've seen trailers and all, and I just like him. :)
      BIRTHDAY SLEEPOVER?! Yes, it is too bad that I can't come! I would TOTALLY come to that. :) I haven't been to a sleepover in years (literally, years). Ah well. Have a good time!
      I would totally read a Marvel vs. DC post from you! :D

  3. Okaaaaay. Here is my comment, Amaris. I know you've been waaaaiting and waaaaaiting. ;) So here it is.
    I'll admit, I was pretty surprised when I started seeing those pins on Pinterest. And pretty suspicious. *squinty eyes* But I'm also excited that you watched it, because I've been wanting to watch it as well. :)Even though I haven't see it, that's the one that my brother and sister watched, and I still remember pouting as I went downstairs because Duncan and Katelyn were going to watch it and I wasn't allowed yet. Besides that, my Spidey experience goes way of my first childhood memories are playing with superheroes action figures. I was usually the Flash, because he's awesome, but I was Spiderman a lot too.
    On another note, I recently watched Captain America: Civil War, which you know I've been dying to see. It was great. And Spiderman was in it! Not Tobey Maguire, of course, but still Spiderman. And he was the cause of some good humor.
    NOW BEFORE YOU GET ON YOUR HIGH HORSE WITH YOUR CUPPA TEA AND YOUR FANCY BRITISH ACCENT, HEAR ME OUT, MADAM. I am an American(and I know you are too, but this is the way I'm saying this) and I like my thick Missourian accent, and I like my coffee sugary, and I lean towards Marvel on the scale of Hate It or Love It. BUT. I must admit that I am disappointed in the Marvel movies. In my opinion, they are overrated. That being said, there is some awesome characters and character developments in there, which I am not ashamed of, but the overall movie is just as you say; all action. Lemme tell you a bit about Civil War. First off...there were probably 36 cuss words. Which I can tune out. But they were still there. Secondly...every five minutes something was blowing up. When something wasn't blowing up, someone was punching, slamming, kicking, hitting, or being punched, slammed, kicked, or hit.
    We've seen it all before. No need to remind us of that fight sequence.
    That was disappointing. The other disappointment was that I felt like the whole storyline wasn't put together amazingly. It was kinda...I don't know, loose. The grounds didn't seem strong enough for the action that was taken because of them, if you know what I mean. AND THE ENDING I AM MAD ABOUT. SO. UN. SATISFACTORY. I WANT MORE. MOOOOOOOOOORE. (you betta be thinking of that cat pin.)
    BUT. For all that. That one character that all of Tumblr has been obsessed, not Loki, the other one. BUCKY WAS AMAZING. Let me tell you, I'm no fangirl...but Sebastian Stan's acting really was fantastic. He was so great as Bucky. I'm totally going to write a post on Bucky as soon as I get a blog. He is awesome. That character was very well-done, in my opinion.
    See, this is why I take so long to comment. Because I can't just comment, I have to write a full review on a recent movie that just barely has something to do with yours. XD But that is me. You wanted a comment. I gave you one. ;)

  4. Wow...nicely written!! "You see, I like to watch characters who give me GOOD REASONS to like them as a person." I never thought about that...thanks for giving me something to think about Phoebe!! :)

    1. Lol thanks. :) I feel like movie reviews are hard to write. :)

  5. This makes me want to watch the movie again!! It's been years!

  6. Hello...I know you wrote this post a while ago, but I wanted to share with you that...

    I stumbled into this a few months ago and read it and was slightly intrigued, but never watched the movie. Then, I heard "they" were making a new Spiderman movie, so I remembered this review got all excited and put this on hold at the library and watched it and OH MY it is sooo good.

    I agree with you that in many ways it is better than recent Marvel movies and that Tobey Maguire will always be my Spiderman. :)

    So thank you, thank you for writing this because otherwise I may have never been inspired to watch Spiderman and it is now seriously one of my favorite things.

    1. Oh my goodness, Meredith I am so pleased! I'm happy to be of service! I really like the new Spiderman too. I would love to see the new movie when it comes out. :)
      YES. They do NOT make Marvel movies like they used to, obviously! You can see why I do NOT like to watch modern superhero movies at ALL.
      But I don't know, Spiderman is different. :)
      So glad you were inspired! :D It's always fun to discover and love a brand new thing... even if it isn't brand new. :)
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. :D So you saw him in Civil War? I'm conflicted between him and Tobey Maguire's Spiderman, but both are good. Either way I will definitely be seeing Homecoming in July.

      Nope. I do like the new Marvel movies, but there is waaay too much violence(not that I mind it because it's scary per se, but just because it' and the action scenes just look fake. :/

      Yes yes!

      So have you seen Spiderman 2 and 3? I miiight like them better than the first one...I don't know...

    3. Actually I HAVEN'T seen Civil War... I haven't forced myself to watch it yet. BUT I have seen the 'new' Spiderman (a.k.a. Tom) around the internet and I've seen trailers and movie clips and stuff. So because of that, I really like what I see. :)
      Perhaps I'll watch Civil War sometime. We shall see.

      On the other hand, I have seen Spiderman 2 and 3 with Maguire. But they weren't as good as the first one, which is why I didn't write a post on them. Number 2 had like one or two really good moments in it (which I loved), and I like the way number 3 wrapped everything up, but mostly 2 and 3 just bugged me for a number of reasons. I don't even REMEMBER them too well as far as what happens. That's how much I DIDN'T care. :)
      So yeah, you can try 2 and 3 if you want, and let me know your opinions if/when you do! :D

    4. Well, seeing as you don't like superhero movies with a lot of violence or overwhelming action, I wouldn't necessarily recommend Civil War. I liked it and I generally like superhero movies, but even I thought the violence/action was too much. Tom Holland's Spiderman is great though, so maybe you'd enjoy it for that. :)

      I'm not sure which my favorite was of the trilogy...I think the first one may still be my favorite, but the special effects and whatnot were much better in the third one. (Some of the special effects in the first one were Green Goblin xD)

      But I really love the series as a whole for its balancing of character *and* plot development. <3

    5. You are right. Perhaps I should just watch Civil War clips with Spiderman scenes and skip the rest. :)
      The Green Goblin was so cheesy, which is part of what made it funny for me to watch in the first one. :D
      But yes, the series is good as a whole in my opinion. :)


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