Saturday, June 3, 2017

This is the End

Before you ask, no.
This post is not my farewell letter to the world.

This is the end to that little ghost story that I was telling you a couple of posts ago.
And my apologies for taking so long to post it.
I was quite busy. More on that later.
I shall continue where I left off (that is, if anyone CARES anymore after like a million days...) :

"Look. They're gone."

What. On. Earth.
Who in the heck is down there?  
What is?
I called my sister again, this time in near panic. I begged her to help me try to find the whisper once more. Reluctantly, she joined me as I went up and down the stairs countless times over again.
My heart pounded. What could this possibly be about?

Finally, I figured it out.  

I discovered that underneath the stairwell (in which there is a little cubby where we keep things like Christmas decorations and so forth), there is a puzzle sitting on top of some boxes, probably left there by some kids we had babysat a few days earlier. 
It's one of those special puzzles that, when you put a piece in, a recording says the name of the shape. 
I peered closely at this puzzle, and noticed the pentagon piece was missing. In the center of the empty space is the little sensor that makes the sound, "Pentagon", when you put the piece in.
Upon closer scrutiny, I realized that this particular sensor was especially sensitive. 
Even the smallest vibration, I found, could set it off. 
And a voice, declaring "Pentagon", would ring out. 
And I discovered that, sometimes, the vibrations that I caused from pounding up those stairs all the time was causing the pentagon puzzle piece to go off. 


And of course, from the top of the stairs, it sounded like a whisper coming from behind me. 

And that is the story of the only ghost encounter I ever had... except it was a puzzle.


So there you have it! You see that it really wasn't a ghost at all... but believe me, it sure SOUNDS like a ghost story until the end, so I didn't exactly tell you a falsehood when I called it a 'ghost story'. 
Anyways, it was pretty creepy until I figured it out. 
I just realized that this is the first 'story snippet' I have ever posted on this blog! Except that this one is a true story...
Well anyways. Have a good day, my friendly peeps!

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