Monday, September 18, 2017

10 Things I've Learned From Old Cowboy Shows

If you read my last post about 'What I'm Doing', you might remember that I said that the Old Western TV show genre is not among my favorites.  To be honest, I don't really like Western shows and movies that much.
I have been watching them more lately, just because they happen to be there while I eat my lunch. Mostly Bonanza, The Rifleman, and Gunsmoke. While they still aren't my favorite old shows by any means, I have learned a few interesting things from watching them.
Be prepared for misspellings. 

1. Watch out for bad guys. They're not all stupid, and they can be pretty manipulative.

2. Be respeckful o' women. Taking advantage of a woman is a bad idea, and chances are there is a good sorta guy right around the corner who is willing to shoot ya for yer disrespeck.

3. Be fast on the draw. If ya see someone reaching fer their gun, don't wait. Don't take a chance. Draw as fast as ya can!

4. Always have a backup plan. Prepare to be outsmarted, especially by bad sorta guys.

5. Don't let yer pride get in the way by tryin' to settle somethin' with a fight that could easily be settled with talkin' it out. In other words, don't be too quick to throw a punch.

6. Don't try to get out of things yourself (if you can help it). If yer in some kinda trouble, its a good idea to accept the help of people you respeck. Unless, of course, the trouble yer in is because ya broke the law. In which case, you'd be smart to turn yerself in rather than gettin' killed.

7. If somebody be shootin' at ya in the wilderness, and there ain't no buildings around, get behind the nearest rock for shelter. The bullets will jest bounce right off!!

8. If ya see two or more people about to have a fight, TRY TO STOP 'EM. Especially if yer the law!

9. Don't fergit that bullets ricochet! Ain't no use of tryin' to shoot someone if it'll just come back to ya.

10. Lastly, there ain't nothin' much that be more important than yer family. So keep thems first

The End.


  1. Oh my goodness this made me laugh really hard, I watch cowboy movies with my dad ALL the time and this list is sooo very true!

  2. Yus! This post is perfection!!!! XD


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