Monday, September 4, 2017

Thoughts on the New School Year (+ What I'm Doing)

For all of my readers who are going back to school, or are starting up homeschooling again, or are going to college, I wish you all the best of luck.
Work hard, study hard, eat well.
Get your sleep.
If you're finished with school, and going to college for the first time, good for you.
If you're finished with school, but you've decided not to go to collage, still, good for you.
And don't let anyone tell you that you're nuts for not going to college. People don't know everything.

People like to give me trouble when I tell them I'm not going to college.
They ask me 'why the heck are you doing that'. They don't even ask me, 'have you prayed about it?'
They just like to tell me their way instead.
Maybe you have some people in your life who treat you like that.
But don't let it bother you.

~When every single person in your graduating had plans for college except you.
~When people doubt your loyalty to Jesus because they don't think your plans are smart.
~When people don't take 'no' for an answer when you tell them you're not going to college, and they take it upon themselves to suggest colleges for you.
~When people are convinced that you are not going to succeed in life because you don't plan on getting a degree.
~When you see all of your friends your age going to college and life seems to be going blissful for them (even though heaven knows they got debt).
~When you let it all go to your head and question God and yourself all over again about it.

Don't let it bother you.

College isn't everything.
You doubt me?
Here. And here. Let Blimey Cow tell you.

Oh, and I mentioned 'what I'm doing' in the title, didn't I?
I was thinking about this the other day, and I realized that I don't have enough material to do a whole 'August 2017 Favorites' post, as it was a pretty busy month filled with boring things that I don't want to bore you with on my boring blog. (wait, what)

Anyways. Here are just a few things that I enjoyed or did in August:

*I read a book
(Well hooray for me! What an accomplishment! That's not done everyday, after all!)
Actually, that's not quite right. I started a book, and I'm still working on it. But it's an accomplishment still, because it's the first book I've been able to pick up and actually concentrate on all Summer. What's the book, you ask? 'For Such a Time', by Kate Breslin. I got it at a book fair in April. It's pretty good so far. It isn't THE BEST BOOK I'VE EVER READ IN THE WORLD AND AMEN, but it's a refreshing change from, well, nothing.

* I watched a movie
(Another really hard thing that only talented people can do.)
Out of all August, I only saw one movie: Spider-Man: Homecoming. And I'm not going to bother telling you all about it because I already wrote a post on that. I will only say it's good. For being the only movie of August, it was sure an enjoyable one, considering how much I was looking forward to it.

* I watched (and am still watching) a TV show
(Wooooowww, Amaris. You are just... wow. No words.)
To be honest, however, the TV show in question might surprise you. Bonanza. A change in my family's schedule has allowed my and my siblings to watch one episode of Bonanza a day on TV. We normally don't watch TV at all, but this gives us something to enjoy on weekdays. It's not my favorite, favorite, favorite show, (in fact, some episodes are downright boring, in my opinion) but watching it and seeing all of the different plots in the episodes has given me a new appreciation for Westerns, which is something I thought I would never have. *Shrug* Just goes to show you how a person's tastes can evolve.

* I got a driver license
Ok, I gotta give myself credit for this one. This is not something people can do everyday, at least not without a lot of hard practice, which is what I went through.
But do you know what this means?! I can now drive my car. By. Myself.
#so independence #much scary #very wow

* I listened to a song

* I watched a video on YouTube
(Yes, clickbait title. I see you. Are you happy? I clicked on you.)
This vid though. I love it. so. much.

*I went to a play
Which was The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was quite interesting because I hadn't ever seen the movie or read the book before, so I didn't know what to expect at all. It was pretty good. Some of the musical numbers were so pretty I got chills (#coming from a person who low-key hates musicals). I probably can't post a picture or a song either because I'd get in trouble... probably.

That is all.
To be honest, I didn't do much else of interest. I was busy with various things, but all of them being too boring and mundane to mention.

With that, I wish you all the very best of Septembers.
Hooray for cool weather.
Hooray for Fall clothes.
Hooray for school (if you're still in it... which I'm not. Yay for me. #i guess).

p.s. My prayers are with the people in Texas who have met Harvey.


  1. Great post! :) Looking forward to reading more here.

  2. Ah! Finally someone else who isn't going to college! (I'm not done with high school yet, but I'm not planning on going to college.)

    1. Ah yes. There are a few of us out there. :)
      Good luck with the rest of school!


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