Monday, April 9, 2018

This is Me

It's 2018, I'm 20 years old, and this is what I'm like.


~I have been able to predict the future before. Not on cue; but there have been cases where things happen as soon as I imagine it.

~I am a very nostalgic and sentimental person. I have been ever since I was young.

~When I go to a restaurant, I tend to order the same couple of things every time. I do like trying new things in general, but I also easily form the habit of getting the exact same things (even the same drink, same side, and same dessert) every time, since I like it. *shrug* 

~The pronunciation of 'thorough' has always confused me.

~Whenever I sing, I get really slow at whatever I'm doing. It will take me forever to get a job done if I sing while I'm doing it, but it is relaxing.

~Usually, I don't like to watch a movie or read a book unless I've heard lots of good things about it beforehand.

~I still know my old Webkinz login username and password (I had 48 pets, by the way).

~I cannot stand being in the middle of conflict. It literally makes me feel so frustrated and unsettled and even sick inside when I am in the middle of such a thing, especially when I'm powerless to help or stop it. I quite enjoy conflict in stories, though.

~I can't stand inspirational cliches. "Be-YOU-tiful", and such. Drives me nuts.

~You know those characters from books that are described "It seemed like s/he could see right through me"? I am that character. I see and hear and pay attention to way more than I ever let on, and sometimes it surprises people.

~I am either extremely observant, or completely oblivious. There is no in-between.

~I was an introvert 'before it was cool'. My mom noticed introverted behavior in me at an early age, and when I got older and learned about the wide world of internets, I found that my actual personality type is INFJ-A.

~My fictional counterpart is Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. He's an INFJ, just like me, and he deals with a lot of things the same way I would.

~I tend to mix up my spellings of 'here' and 'hear' (my best friend can confirm; she has lots of email evidence), but I'm usually pretty good with 'there', 'they're', and 'their', as well as 'your', and 'you're'. However, I don't notice when other people use the wrong spellings of these.

~Swear words don't bother me in a movie as much as sexual content.

~I love to take a shower in natural light. In fact, I won't shower any other way. So if I get up before the dawn, and it's still pitch black out? Yep. I'm taking a shower in the dark.

~I love healthy food. Not just salads (cause to be honest, salads can get pretty boring), but good healthy vegetable recipes are some of my favorite things in life.

~Doctor Who really annoys me. (don't hate me..)

~I say 'just' a lot. It's just what I do. I just always say that. Just.

~I'm 20 years old, and, as of now, I don't have a smartphone yet.

~I found a show called 'Supernanny' on YouTube, and I gotta say... I might be obsessed (Also, watching kids throw tantrums on reality shows is just so entertaining to me I have no clue why).
~I love doing makeup (mostly on my own face). It is so enjoyable and relaxing, and I love making art out of it.

~As of now, I have never kissed any man on the lips, and have never had a boyfriend (though when I was 12 I had a crush on a boy in my Sunday school class...).

~I have another (private) blog, called Just a Test Blog, where I test out blog looks, headers, and sidebar photos before putting them on The Storybook Journal (there's one comment on the whole blog; made by me two years ago, and all it says is "woah dude").

~I examine every metal fork, knife, and spoon before using it.

~I love Pac-man games. Not so much the classic version as the newer animated ones. I don't have time to play them anymore, but when I was younger, we used to have a Pac-man game called Pac-man: World II, and it was like my favorite computer game ever.

~I find it very frustrated when I'm watching a movie with one or more companions, and they do not pay attention to the movie, so they never know what's going on, and then when the movie is over, they're like "well I didn't like that very much" and it's so frustrating because I'm like "Yeah cause you were DISTRACTED AT ALL THE GOOD PARTS".

~Growing up, I thought it was neat to say "East Window" or "West Window" so I figured out what my two bedroom windows were, and wrote it down on the sills to always remember. 

~I will probably never 'get' a Facebook.

~I cannot stand 'worship' songs sung in church that are not actually about worshiping God.

~I actually have a problem with 90% of worship songs.

~It took me years to figure out what my absolute favorite movie is, but I've finally decided what it is, at least for now. Forrest Gump, starring Tom Hanks. I would definitely use a language and sex filter, cause it's not the cleanest choice, but apart from that, I love. love. love that movie.

~I like routine. Until I get bored, then I like spontaneity. Until I'm overwhelmed, then I like routine.

~I am very picky about stories I read in books or watch in film. I like lots of meaning and drama (not cheesy drama; good drama, like Sherlock BBC drama). I love paying attention to the psychology of a good story.

~I came up with the name The Storybook Journal for my blog 3 years ago, and I still think it's a great name and I'm quite proud of it. *pats self on back*

~Mixing salad dressing into my salad is one of the most annoying tasks I can think of.

~Owl City and Britt Nicole music got me through most of my anxiety problems as a 15 and 16-year-old. I'm not into BN that much anymore, but Owl City is still like manna from heaven to me (I'm so into Cinematic right now, his latest album).

~I've always wondered how often people actually pay for the people behind them in a drive-thru.

~Whilst driving in my car, I can be very oblivious about where I'm going and tend to space out. Unless I'm driving somewhere new and therefore forced to pay attention lest I get lost. There are many days when I arrive at my job in the morning, and I don't have any recollection of how I got there.

~I've always liked things to be aesthetically pleasing; I just didn't know it had a term; "aesthetic", until about a year ago.

~The first thing I pay attention to when I meet someone new is their personality. I try to figure it out, and determine what kind of 'material' they are.

~I love watching internet videos of Kermit the Frog.

~If ever there occurs a dramatic situation, I'm the one who's interested and listening to it, but definitely not involved in any way (if I can help it).


There you go. Now you know me just a little better.
Do we have anything in common? Let me know!



  1. You are so cool.
    End of story.

    PS: I LOVE you for not having a phone

    1. Aw haha. :)

      Yep, no phone *spoiler* actually that's about to change though :) *end of spoiler*

  2. Wow. Oh my goodness, yes, we do have a lot in common:

    1. Items 1,2 and 3. Especially the third one. It literally got to the point at the one campus joint where ALL the lunch ladies remembered my order (best thing ever).

    2. Items 6, 8, 10 and 11. I've scared people, both with knowledge and my temper. *weak giggles*

    3. Item 15. YES. As much as I can't stand swearing, sexual content is an immediate turn off.

    4. Item 23. I'm a couple of years older than you, and I haven't had a boyfriend either. Hope that will change later, but I have to be patient...

    5. Item 26 - except I love the classic arcade version of Pac-Man.

    6. 27 and 29. So not getting a Facebook either, unless I'm forced. I can't stand how it works and what people put on it. It's Internet poison.

    7. 33 and 34. Routine vs. Spontaneity, the struggle is real. And I'm not picky on genre either, as long as there is no content that offends God <3.

    8. 40 and 41. I dearly love aesthetics too, and yes, seeing how people are wired is fascinating.

    In case you were wondering, Myers-Briggs also pegs me as an INFJ. I don't really identify myself using that monkier anymore - there are some things that I don't agree with - and prefer using the old archaic terms of Melancholy - Choleric - Phlegmatic - Sanguine (the order is the my personality order).

    Awesome post, Amaris!!!


    1. Oh that's so cool to see we have a lot in common!
      You are an INFJ too? Well, I'm glad to know it!
      What do those terms mean? "Melancholy, Choleric, etc."? I mean, I know what they MEAN, but what do they mean in this sense? :)

      Thanks for the comment!


    2. Do you mean the order? That means that I'm primarily a Melancholy, but I also have the other 3 types to some degree. I have the least from Sanguine, and Choleric/Phlegmatic are kind of equal for me, in this case (the Choleric showed up first though, LOL).

  3. This is a beautiful post. I love hearing little bits of knowledge and personality about people, even people I've known for ages. Some of these things that you said I chortled out loud at, and some of them I nodded knowingly(like the silverware one.) and some of them I actually didn't know, like the thorough one. Also, do you really space out? Cause you know that I do that too. *nervous laughter*
    And yes- email evidence. Physical paper evidence, too, probably. I actually didn't notice too much. I do notice that sometimes you say coarse instead of course. But, I don't like making a big deal about spelling because it never really bothered me.

    1. Oh thank you, dear. :)
      I too love to hear about personalities! That's kinda why I did this. I know other people like it too.
      Haha, I can imagine you 'nodding knowingly' at some of these. XD
      Ohh... I don't think I noticed until now the 'course' and 'coarse' thing.... :D WELP.
      Guess I learn something new every day!

      :D Not in an unsafe way; somehow I still pay attention to the cars around me and what the heck they're doing, but as far as WHERE and HOW LONG... I have no idea. :)



  4. Agh so cool! I super enjoyed reading this!!

    1. Thanks, dear! I was kinda inspired by your similar post that you did awhile ago. :) Glad you like!

  5. Love this!!! Might just borrow this idea! :-D

  6. I'm with you with the sentimentality! Little things mean a lot to me! Things I grew up with, or things going on around me I remember and cherish! :)

    1. I see we have that in common! Nostalgia and sentimentality. Yep!


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