Friday, November 20, 2015

A LATE Participation in a Blog Party Which I Couldn't do Earlier Because I Was Sick

In case you weren't able to read it, Elizabeth Grace Foley from The Second Sentence (a very interesting blog to read, btw) hosted a very lovely blog party on the 19th, in which she introduced her storyboards on Pinterest to her readers. I think that's a wonderful idea, and so here I am to show you my boards, and also take the opportunity to discuss some of my stories with you (though I don't have as many as hers, I only have two at the moment...) because I was a bit under the weather on the 19th, and unable to do it then. Ok, well I'm not THAT late. :P It's only the 20th. Whatever.
Here I go!

The Hidden Queen:
Yes, I know that's a cheesy title. I'm no good at naming things, so give me a break, ok?
This is what you would call my 'main story'. I got the idea from a dream I had about a year ago, and I've been plotting and writing ever since. I hope to publish it someday (someday... whenever that is...) so that all of you lovely people can read it. Since it's November, I've been trying to be faithful to the fact that this is National Novel Writing Month, and while I'm getting some stuff done, it's definitely NOT as much as I had hoped, blast it.
I think this is my favorite storyboard, because I find it colorful and vivid, and very adventurous, even daring. Take a look, and I hope it makes you want to read the story, hehe! :D

Follow Phoebe's board Writing: The Hidden Queen on Pinterest.

My Pirate-y Ship Story That (sadly) Never Got a Name:
Looking back, I'm not really sure where I got this story idea from. Could it be a dream... or a book I read...
Anyways, since the coming of the Hidden Queen, this story has been sitting on my shelf neglected and a little bit dusty. I actually took some of the ideas from this story to use for the Hidden Queen, so I know if I ever end up actually finishing this story, I will have to change a few things around, or it will be just like the Hidden Queen and everyone who reads my books will get suspicious.
 I do sometimes pick up this story occasionally to write in it whenever I'm in the mood, but that's only sometimes.
I find it ironic that I don't really care for pirates, or pirate stories, movies, or anything pirate-y at all. But, I had this story idea, and I liked it, so I decided to write it. We'll see if it's ever finished.
This Pirate Storyboard is one of the first Pinterest boards I created, so you can imagine how long it is, since I've been adding pins all this time. 
I really like how this board is fresh and breezy and historical looking, with the pictures of old letters and beaches and such. It makes me feel blissfully nostalgic because I just adore the seaside and I have a special soft place in my heart for nautical things in general. 

So there it is! I hope you like my story ideas. :) Someday, you may get to read the books. Keep hoping. :D

Oh, by the way, this particular Pinterest board of mine used to be a storyboard, but then I just recently turned it into a random prettiness board, so here it is as well, in case you can use the pins for your stories. :)

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