Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Yet Another Stolen Tag {Behind the Scenes}

Hello! :D
Yes, this is another tag that I 'stole' (No I did not walk into the store and literally steal a tag). I have been waiting a long time for a fun writing tag such as this one. You know. A tag that just talks about writing and what you do while writing and where you write and other writing habits and all that juicy stuff. When I saw it on The Second Sentence and Formidable Courage, it sounded like such fun.
 I therefore stole it.


Is there a certain snack you like to eat while writing?
Actually, no. Not usually. Unless I happen to be really hungry, then I might eat some almonds. I did eat a pickle while writing a scene once...does that count?

When do you normally write? Night, afternoon, or morning?
Wellllll, I USUALLY write at night, but I really really really need to work on writing in the morning, because I'm fresher then. Yet, at the same time... I usually have my best ideas right before I go to bed... so maybe I should just write during both times. :)


Where do you write?
On my bed. Always. I can't concentrate when I write around my house, because there's usually a bit of noise going on... and even though I bring a notebook with me on car trips (for sudden ideas), I don't do any substantial plotting or scene writing. It just doesn't come.

How often do you write a new novel?
Nowadays? About one every year. Last year I worked on my pirate novel, and the year before that I think I was working on the Keeper of the Flower (which I quit because it ended up being too much like the Lord of the Rings)... But like I said: this novel I'm working on right now is the one I actually want to finish, and publish.

Do you listen to music while you write?
NOO. I cannot concentrate while I listen to music! I know lots of people like to, so I've tried doing it to see if it gives me more inspiration or something, but then I find myself focusing on the sounds of the music, rather the words I should be writing. So I get distracted, and I just can't write that way. :P

What do you write on? Laptop or paper?
Paper. But I'm saving for a laptop. Because I think I'll get a lot more done that way. Writing by hand is fun and that's the way they've been doing it for hundreds of years, but it takes soooo loooong. And my hands get tired after, like, two pages.

 Is there a special ritual you have before or after you write?
Uh... should I have a special ritual.? I guess I don't have one. I do pray sometimes, before writing. I pray that I don't get distracted :P

What do you do to get into the mood to write?
I start. I literally just sit down and begin. I don't always start by writing out a scene. To get into the mood, I read through my plot outline once or twice, and then some of my notes, and I always get ideas to work off from there.
I have to get myself 'into the zone'.

What is always near the place you write?
I always have my little drawstring pouch near me to put my torn paper in. Every time I am through with certain notes that I don't need anymore, or when I re-write a scene, I will tear up the old one and put it in this little pouch because I don't have a trashcan close enough. :)
 I could throw the pile of torn paper into the trash, but then the little pieces would fly all over my bedroom...

Also near me is this five dollar panda that my Mom bought me out of the goodness of her heart.

 Do you have a reward system for your word count?
I've never done anything like that actually. As I keep writing, I just like to watch the amount of pages grow, and that's my reward. It's the satisfaction of seeing so much get done that compels me to write.

Is there anything about your writing process that others might not know about?
Yes... I really like to write with thick lead, so I have this special sandpaper pencil thing used for drawing that I scrape it on to make the lead thick and smooth to write on. I guess that's the only thing I do that people might not know about. My mom thinks it's so weird that I do this. :)

So that's it! I hope you liked reading my answers, and do check out some of the other blogs who are doing this! :D


  1. "Get in the zone..*cymbal clash* AUTO ZONE." *shaboom*
    THAT'S what I thought of when you said 'in the zone.' So you see I do not quote only movies. I also quote car commercials. ;) And insurance commercials..."This is Jake...from State Farm." Ali's brother's name is Jake, and he hates it when we call him that. :D
    ANYWAY. Nice post. And no, I am NOT saying that just cause you're my best friend and I'm obligated to by the contracts of our friendship. -_- (there's that face you know, I think I really like making it!)
    Mm, yes. Watching the pile GROOOOW.
    Oh, Tolkien. The way that you creep into all our literary works is quite astonishing. And annoying.
    I must go do some school, so keep up the good work, darling! Send me a scene. :)

    1. Well, now that's nice, but it wouldn't be right for me because I never watch commercials (except for occasionally when Bonanza comes on and there's a commercial during that... but besides that we never watch TV :P)
      What? You mean you're not doing it because of the contract? Well then what the heck did you sign it for? -_-
      I'm glad you like the post. :)
      Just out of curiosity, did you perhaps read a really cool book or watch a really cool movie right before you commented?

    2. No...I DID scribble down a little scene yesterday before breakfast, but I hardly call that a really cool book. :P Why do you ask?

    3. Well, I was just wondering because sometimes when I read or watch a really cool story then I talk slightly different and more uppity after that and that's what your comment kind of sounded like so I was just wondering. :D

  2. Hi Phoebe, this was a cool post! I write on my bed too :) Or in my basket chair. But definitely in my room. I can't do background noises and anyway I am extremely paranoid about people coming up behind me and (horrors!) reading my writing :P

    Watching the pages grow is my reward too :) And that Tumblir quote, "That crucial plot line idea that you get 0.3 seconds before falling asleep", is SO spot on.

    1. Rosie: You are so right. Why would we even have beds if we're not supposed to sit cross-legged and write on them when we're not sleeping in them? I don't have a basket chair! Yes, I don't like it when people come up and read my writing either. :P It makes me feel creepy. :P

  3. I saw this tag as well and thought of filling it out myself after November and everything. But I ended up just writing a babbling post about writing, full of quotes and gifs to make fun of myself while I'm writing. ;)
    This was so much fun to read about you and your writing. I love reading about other writers!
    I love your little bag in replacement of a trashcan.
    I understand about a certain writing device. I love the detail about how your pencil must have thick lead. Personally, I have to have certain pens. :)
    How did NaNoWriMo go for you?! :D

    1. There's nothing more fun than babbling about writing and how much fun it is, and how hard it is, and how bad we are at it, and all that. :D I had fun writing the post.
      I like reading about other writers too! It motivates me.
      I always must write with mechanical pencils, or my writing just doesn't work. :)
      NaNo was ok for me... I didn't finish my book (and I didn't expect to), but I did get a lot done that I really needed to get done. :) Thanks for asking!

  4. You know away your old writing????!!! Gasp! I never do that! I keep everything I write, whether on paper or on my computer. I never know when I'll want to go back and look at that idea I had, or decide to revert to the older version of a scene or story. I remember everything so poorly that I need to keep whatever it was I wrote so I can at least remember what NOT to do.

    1. Well now, Noodle, I don't actually throw away my old writing, unless I have REWRITTEN it down somewhere else, and don't need it anymore! Besides that, I keep all my old stuff. Sometimes when I feel like I'm no good at writing, I will read some old scenes, and it makes me feel MUCH better because I've come such a long way. :)
      Does that make you feel better? :D


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