Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Have Returned

Well, hello, friends! This post is probably a shock to you. You probably assumed I was wiped off the face of the earth, or worse... DEAD.
Well, (surprise) I'm NOT. If you follow me on Pinterest, you would've seen a couple of recent pins that would indicate recent internet activity. Therefore, not dead.

My last post on this blog, (ON JUNE 10TH!!!) stated I would be gone for a few weeks, and it's true, I was. For two weeks I went to a special training, where they taught us to teach Bible Clubs. It was a very enlightening experience. I could probably share the gospel with anyone now. Anyways, after I got home, I drove all around my hometown doing Bible Clubs for another two weeks.

To say "I was too busy to post" would be a horrendous understatement.
Of coarse, after all of that busy-ness was over, I should have had time to post on The Blog and catch up with friends, but actually, I didn't. Why?
Well, a week ago, (surprise again), I had A TONSILLECTOMY! As in, I HAD SURGERY.
Now I need to focus on rest and recovery until I get better (seriously, my throat is killing me. And my ears are especially sore).
I literally have nothing to do except sit on the couch and take naps for two whole weeks.
Oh, and I can eat Jell-O. And pudding. And water. And watch Call the Midwife while coloring.


That's about it.
You get the idea.
Actually, we've also been trying out the BBC show Sherlock. I've been hearing about this blasted show for the longest time now. So, now that I haven't anything else to do, we've been watching it.
It's really good. I didn't really care for the first few episodes. I mean, they just didn't interest me too much. But then it started to get much better. The Sign of Three in season 3 I REALLY enjoyed.
Still, if you have a movie filter, like Vid Angel or Clear Play, do please use it. There is quite a bit of stuff in the show that, shall we say, could be done without. :P A filter would be best, I say.
The best part is, I finally understand all those Sherlock jokes on Pinterest.

 So. That was my little miniature review. Bottom Line: Good show, but Watch Out.

Look, look, guys! It's BILBO. :D
My recovery will be ending in another couple of days, and I hope to be back to posting regularly once again before too long.
For now, have a good day.
I hope your throat is feeling much better than mine at the moment.


    (This is Diana, the stupid google thing wouldn't let me use my username)

  2. Glad you're back, Phoebe! Sounds like a fun summer (besides the tonsils, of course)! Lovely pictures by the way (including Lucy! ;). Can't wait to read more lovely posts!

  3. Welcome back and I understand the tonslis thing-I had to get my tonslis out too :( and love the Lucy picture!!!


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