Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quote {#2}

Ok, here is the second quote of my three quotes:

I feel like it says almost the same thing as yesterday's quote. But, it still speaks to me on a personal level, because a lot of times I feel like people don't trust in God because "If God loves us/if I can Trust God, why is there so much pain/chaos/evil in the world? 
Seriously, do you think God sits back and lets the world go crazy just for His enjoyment? If so, what are you thinking?! 
In all my 47 years of being a theologian (eheh, just kidding), I have given a lot of thought to the answer of that question. And I have concluded this: If the world was happy and perfect and wonderful, why trust God? How are we supposed to grow in the Lord if we don't NEED Him? 
If the world was a perfect place, we would NOT need God. We wouldn't EVER come to know and trust Him as the perfect Creator of the universe. 
Pain is hard. 
Chaos is hard. 
The world is a hard place.
But I would rather go through a hard and cruel world while trusting in God, than a perfect world with no God at all. That's what this quote means to me.

Today I tag: Maribeth from Formidable Courage!!!


  1. I've never heard someone answer the "suffering" question so well. Well said.


  2. Wow, what an amazing and profound quote, also what a fun tag!


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