Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quote {#3}

Here is the last day of the quote tag! Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday. XD

I really appreciate this quote. Sometimes I feel like people don't build each other up enough. Who knows, a person at your church, or your drama class, or your book club might look fine and dandy on the outside. After all, it's EASY to put on a face and pretend to be fine. 
But maybe on the inside, they really wish someone would care. Or take a moment to say, "How are you doing?!" 
Maybe it's a stranger at a store who just needs a smile.
We have this tremendous love on the inside of us, guys. We ought to share it. Even if we don't sit down with them and tell them all about God, we can at least show them we care, because God cares. So, as I wrap up my quotes, I'll challenge you (for some, it won't be a challenge) to say something nice for someone today. It doesn't matter who. You don't even have to SAY anything. Just smile at them. You never know how it might help them through their day. 
That is all for my quotes! Thanks for tagging me, Abbie! I'm not a huge quote person, but *holds head up high* I think I did JUST FINE. :) 

And today (the last day of the quotes!) I tag: Morgan LuAnn from The Day the Lord Has Made!!!
Thanks Abbie C. for tagging me! I had splendid fun sharing my favorite quotes. :)


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me, Phoebe! And great quote! :D

  2. You're so welcome! I'm glad you had a fun time doing it! :D <3 -Abbie C.


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