Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer 2017 // Favorites // I'm Back, Guys!

Well, that was a fun summer.
Between re-watching my favorite detective shows, teaching little kids about Jesus, going to a cabin with my best friend, and being annoyed at my neighbor's continuous fireworks during Independence Day festivities, I've had a pretty adventurous summer.
Let me apologize for any of you who feel neglected because I didn't comment on your posts, or didn't respond to YOUR comments, or not posting on my blog at all. It's been a very interesting summer for me, but I appreciate all of your patience!
From now on I think you can look forward to more (kind of / almost / semi) regular posts from me. :)
Thus I welcome you to the post in which I share what I have done or been interested in this Summer. Enjoy!

As I've told you guys before, this Summer I've been busy with ministry. Specifically, children's ministry. I was able to go all around my home town and teach clubs and share Jesus with children, which was very rewarding! I had some great clubs this year for sure. :) Although I'm sad that Summer's over (which means I won't be involved in them anymore), Awana will be starting in a couple of weeks at my church, and I am very excited for that!

Teach the children, 
so it will not be necessary 
to teach the adults.
~Abraham Lincoln
Like I said up there, I have been re-watching my favorite detective shows. Those consist of: Sherlock BBC, Monk, and Columbo. Heck, I even watched the Psych pilot episode!
I think my favorite has to be Sherlock, but I hate to say that, because I really like Monk and Columbo too. They're all good in their own ways.
Anyways, in a future post (and believe me, I have like 52 drafts of 'future posts' that are all wondering if they're ever going to get published because I am a very mean author) I would like to do kind of a comparison post of my three favorite detectives, but I don't even have a rough draft for a post like that yet. But hey, it could be fun. :) 

Guys. Please tell me something.
Why do I like Spiderman at all? For some reason, out of all the super-hero-people, Spiderman is the only one I'm actually interested in, the one that I don't hate. Why is that?!
#don't mind me over here sometimes i just don't even understand my own self
Well, I don't hate ALL the super-people. I kind of like Superman too, because he was a big part of my childhood. And he's been around forever. *shrug* I don't know, guys. But anyways, I saw Spiderman Homecoming the other day, and really enjoyed it! Now I don't have to worry about seeing spoilers anymore.  :)

Car & Driving~
Yes, my friends. I have been driving. What a unique thing to do.
No really, you might remember that I bought my first car, which is pretty fun. Sadly, however, I didn't get to drive my car a lot when I first got it, because I was away doing my ministry things a lot, and there was always someone else to drive me places.
But that's all over with. I am home now. No one is picking me up, and no one is dropping me off. I am now driving my own car.
And it's. So. Fun.
Oh, the ability to go places. Like Starbucks. And the thrift store!
I realize I'm making a ridiculously big deal about a very trivial thing. Driving a car is very ordinary. But right now, it isn't ordinary to me. It's a novelty. I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm quite young, and enjoying the little things in life is very important to me.
Yes, driving will be boring one day.
But right now? Pardon me while I live a little. Now goodbye. *rolls up window*

Star Wars~
I finally watched all of the Star Wars movies. Boy, oh boy. *whew!* *wipes sweat from forehead* What a ride. I did kind of a marathon thing with some friends to finish them all up, and boy. I'm getting tired all over again just thinking about that night.
I don't want to share too many opinions, because I'm trying to get a post together for like a review on all the movies. I don't know how that's going to work, but I'm trying. Overall, though, I have to say that Star Wars is still not my thing, but I did enjoy them. Well, most of them. But we'll talk about that in said Star Wars post. If I can get all my thoughts together.

Cabin in the Woods~
I already talked about this a bit in another post from awhile back, but it deserves a mention in this post as well, because even though it happened back in May, I still consider it apart of my Summer, and will always remember it as such. It was a great four-and-a-half days of getting wet in the river, collecting teeny tiny shells, reading books, using outhouses (heh, heh...), taking aesthetically pleasing Instax pictures, and collecting lots of foam letters (don't ask). It was a great time. 

Photo Credit: ME
As far as 'making' stuff, I haven't been doing a LOT of creative things lately, other than having fun with makeup, but I did make this crown. Before you ask, yes. My fingers hurt quite a bit after making this.

Photo Credit: ME
I Have Read NO BOOKS~
All Summer. Not. One. Book. Do you see Mansfield Park, and The Potato Peel book up there in that picture? I HAVE NOT READ THEM. Although I have owned them for months now. How terrible is that? Well, I did read my Driver's Guide (for the second time around). But that doesn't count. If it does, then it had the worst plot I've ever read.

I Have Not Written a Word of my Book~
And my Characters are mad at me. I can feel it. They're really, really mad. They refuse to speak to me. All summer they have been lost in nothingness, with no purpose. No life. No... nothing. Because I didn't write a word.
I am a terrible Keeper of Characters.
Forgive me, characters.
*dies dramatically of shame*

I Have NO Money~
This Summer was a little different for me because I had no money. I was qutie poor. Like, no-more-than-12-bucks-in-the-bank-at-any-given-time type of poor.
See, I spent almost all I had on my car and its expenses at the beginning of June, and then the ministry work that I did was all volunteer work, which meant I didn't get paid, which meant I couldn't work at my regular job, which meant I had no money all Summer.
Which meant that I had to find other things to amuse myself in my spare time that did NOT involve money. But it was a great time of growth, I think. I learned to be a bit of a minimalist, and I got to appreciate what I already had, without spending a thing. God surely uses everything. :)

And a Few Other Things~

  • Pusheen Cat. For some obscure reason, I love Pusheen Cat.
  • Singing, "Hey it's ok, it's ok, you're welcome!" from Moana every time someone says "Thank you".
  • Little kids. Just children in general. They have squishy faces. I love them.
  • Dramatic people. I could never be like them, but it's fun to watch them.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch. No more words needed.
  • Looking forward to Fall. And Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays.
That's about it I think. Like I said up there, I'm sorry for having almost no posts for all those weeks, but I am back now, and ready to shower you with lots and lots of interesting things...
Now if you'll excuse me, I have a half-eaten donut from this morning that I must finish eating, if I don't want it to go stale.
No one likes a stale donut.


p.s. That kind of sounded like a Blimey Cow closing sentence... 

p.p.s. Also, I recently wrote a more updated About Me page. If you want to go look. :) 


  1. It sounds like you have been having a great summer!!!

    I LOVE the crown and books photo!! So pretty!! <3

    I SING THAT SONG TOO!!!! Seriously, most of the time when someone says "thank you," you can't help but sing, "what can I say, except you're welcome?". XD

    Ummm I might be considered one of those dramatic people. Well, when I want to. ;D

    AMEN!!! FALL AND THANKSGIVING!!! COME TO MAMA!!!! Ahem...sorry, fall is my favorite season. And after Thanksgiving (which is a lovely day) is...THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! :D <3

    Lovely post, dear!! I love all the pictures!!! And your blog is sooo pretty!! <3 Blessings to you, my friend!!

    1. Thank you for the comment, Morgan!
      Yes, we do a lot of singing around here. You know how those Disney songs stick in your head. :)
      I think we all can be dramatic at times. But some people are like that all the time, which would be exhausting to me if I had to. :D
      AHHAHA! I like Thanksgiving too! The kitchen always smells SOO. GOOD. I do like Christmas too.
      I'm glad you like the post! :D
      Yes, pretty soon it will be time to change the look of the blog again... for Winter. :)
      I shall see you later!

  2. hey looks like you had an amazing summer!
    And I'm a bit jealous of you that you can drive anywhere. One day that'll be me
    and I know I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas too-including fall!!!

  3. What a fun post! You have a really fun, personable way of writing posts; I like it! ;)

    100% agreed regarding your thoughts on children. Yes.

    And whoa, way to go on the car! I'm really hoping to save enough for a car soonish! ;)

    1. Thank you for your comment, Olivia! :D I appreciate the kind words.
      Good luck saving for the car! It's hard to, but worth it. :)


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