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Just a Few Opinions About 'The Imitation Game' [2014]

 "I'm not a spy, I'm a mathematician."

The other day, I watched a movie, The Imitation Game.
And the movie surprised me, a bit. There were some things about it that I didn't expect. So, I wanted to write a post about it, for your enjoyment.
Here we go.

Let's Start Off With a Disclaimer: 
I'm not going to recommend this movie to you to watch if your family has young children, unless members in your family are, say, 16-ish or older. Or whoever is old enough to view things like homosexuality in a movie with a fresh, biblical perspective. This is not your "Family Movie Night" kind of movie. With that being said, it is a good idea that every movie you wish to watch with your family in your own home be reviewed first by a reputable 'Christian worldview' movie site such as Plugged In Online, which my family has been reading for years.
This is just my suggestion, of course, and I understand that every family is different in the way they do things.
Anyways, you will probably understand/agree with me more after you read my opinions here.

In light of that, let us continue!
Here are my opinions about The Imitation Game, starring  Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Allen Leech, plus more.
The overview:
Alan Turing, a British scientist and mathematician (who was also a homosexual), and his team have to break a system of 'unbreakable' Nazi codes by building a machine (a.k.a. 'the world's first digital computer) that will analyze and decipher German Enigma messages in order to win WWII.

Let's begin with a few notes on talent:
1. Brilliant acting
Everyone played their role incredibly well, in my opinion. I always love a movie where the acting is on par. It makes such a difference. Sometimes people say I have high standards when I (occasionally) say I don't like a movie because it has bad acting.
But for real, good acting can seriously make all the difference in the world, in spite of how good the story might be in itself.

Also, on acting:
2. Keira Knightley surprised me
I gotta be honest: Keira Knightley has never blown me away with a role. I guess it's because the only films I've seen her in have never done much for me. I don't like any of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies,  and you all know my opinion about Pride & Prejudice 2005, which isn't a HORRIBLE movie, but like I said, 'it doesn't do much for me.' 
I was surprisingly pleased by the good job Knightley did with this role in particular. I even, shall I say, enjoyed watching her. It could've been her chemistry while acting with Benedict Cumberbatch that did the trick, or perhaps she was just acting better than normal.
I also really appreciated her character (a.k.a. who was actually a real person, but we'll call her a 'character'). She was very supportive and understanding, able to do a hard day's work, but also smart as any man. That is what I call a good strong female character that isn't annoying or sexualized!

3. The story overall
I have to mention the overall telling of this story.
I feel like it deserves more than just to say 'it was done well'. I say that the story was interesting, kept me un-bored, flowed nicely, wasn't confusing (for the most part), as well as historically pleasing. Meaning, historical in a way that is enjoyable yet sad (at the same time) without being too morbid, as some war movies tend to be.
Yes, I just made up that term, 'historically pleasing'. It's like 'aesthetically pleasing' but with history. Do you like it?  :)
Anyways. Just in the case of the story itself, it was a good movie from that standpoint as well.

Now I shall get into some (*ahem*) 'other' stuff.
4. The movie didn't go 'overboard' with the gay stuff
There is one thing in particular (apart from all the good things I've already said about it) that stood out and really impressed me about this movie.
While it is the story of a homosexual man, the movie COULD'VE taken a whole lot more 'creative liberty' with the homosexual details, but it didn't. I mean, his lifestyle was apparent and pervading throughout the movie, but it could've shown a lot of things.
It could've shown him with other men (*cough*), but it didn't, and in another part, during a friendship story that the movie told between young Turing and another boy at his school (while it was clear the boys were 'very fond' of each other), it could've portrayed their friendship much more intimately, but... it didn't.

I guess I was impressed that this movie was actually able to tell the story according to history while not 'spicing things up' like they could have. And I respect that. Especially since our culture and society really pushes and supports the lifestyle, this movie was just telling a story. A good story.
That's why I do not consider The Imitation Game 'A Gay Movie', but rather 'A Movie About a Man Who Happened to be Gay But Also Did Some Other Stuff'.
You know what I mean? There is a difference.
In fact, the only thing to watch out for as far as 'explicit gay content' is just one comment Turing makes at one point in the movie about his activities with another man. It was definitely cringe-worthy, but other than that, 'content-to-watch-out-for' is almost (almost) nonexistent in this movie.

Basically though, this one thought alone is what made me want to write a review post on this movie.
Maybe I am easy to please, but it sure impressed me.

Don't get me wrong, of course. I'm not into 'gay movies' now.
You might remember that I didn't watch Beauty & The Beast for a long time after it came out because of the whole 'openly gay character' thing.
I still don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle (same as I don't agree with stealing or lying or cheating or ANY sin).
But if you'll notice, BatB was sort of... making fun of the whole thing. They were, in fact, playing with it.
Whereas, The Imitation Game was simply a true-story depiction. As in, this really happened. And they're telling the story about it.
It would be one thing if I were watching the movie because I support gay people. It would also be one thing if I was watching the movie because I enjoy gay characters.

No, no.

I watched this movie because
1. I love historical movies (at least the ones that are 99% clean),
2. I like WWII stories that don't just involve the battlefield and the gestapo and people hiding Jews,
3. I wanted to watch this movie when I first saw it come out because it looked interesting back then,
4. I don't think it's right that people back then were so hateful to homosexuals, and I think it's important to remember the way things used to be for people,
5. Benedict Cumberbatch is my favorite actor (No, I'm serious. That's a legitimate reason.)

And there you have it.
If you choose to watch this movie, I hope you enjoy. Watch out for a couple of moments, but all in all, it's the kind of movie that I think is 'important to see eventually in your life'.

Thanks for reading!

Have you seen The Imitation Game? 
What did you think of it?


  1. Oh right. THIS post. I think it's excellent, my dear. I haven't seen this movie, so I can't comment on how much I agree with you, except on the homo-sexuality thing. Christians and conservatives are nearly always accused of being homophobic, and naturally, we get fed up with always being accused of hating gays. But here's thing; that suspicion does come from somewhere. People who called themselves Christians did and still do loudly, verbally hate homosexuals, and that is wrong. You can disagree with something, but to hate them because of it is not following God. God says to stand strong for what is right, don't bend under the pressure and allow despicable acts to be committed, but also to love. Love does not mean that all things are to be permitted. Love means to stand up and speak the truth so as to help those who wallow in sin.

      You are right. We as Christians should not be hateful to gay people. A lot are, sadly, but they shouldn't be. I certainly don't agree with them, but I don't hate them.
      Thank you for the comment! It means a lot to me. :)

  2. Great review, Amaris! This actually sounds really interesting. And it has so many familiar actors in it! That's always fun. :)

    The worst thing about the gay subject is when it's pushed and applauded and held up to be something good (when it really isn't). And also when they go into details that aren't necessary. But it sounds like this movie didn't do as much of that, so that's cool.

    Thanks for reviewing it. I maybe have to give this one a try sometime. :)

    1. Miss March:
      Thank you! Yes, I always like watching a movie with familiar actors in it. :D It does make it more fun.
      YES. That's why I really appreciated that the whole 'gay thing' WASN'T applauded in this movie. They just told the true story, pure and simple.
      If you do watch it, I hope you enjoy!
      Thank you for the comment! :D

  3. I've been interested in this movie, I just don't know if I want to see it since I know how it ends and I know it'll make me sad. :( But we shall see.

    Anyway, great review! :) And have you seen the interview with Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch where they answer fan questions? (At one point they talk about his apparent mispronunciation of "penguins".) It's an adorable interview. :D

    1. To be sure, the movie did end sadly. :( But it was still really good, in my opinion, and worth it. I highly recommend!

      I think I have seen that interview at one point! I love Benedict Cumberbatch interviews. I find him quite interesting.
      Yes, his mispronunciation. XD "Pengwengs."
      I love it.
      I also love the one when he's on the... I believe the Graham Norton Show, and he is posing like an otter. :D A fave of mine.



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