Monday, January 1, 2018

// 2017: A Summary //

First of all, you must allow me to wish you:

YAY 2018!!! 
Ok, on to the post. :)
Well, will you look at that.
Another year has gone by.
(I feel like I should quote a poem about time passing by right now, but alas; I do not know any poems).

It seems only yesterday I was writing last year's New Year Post.
Overall I have to say that 2017 went pretty well. There were some big changes that happened in my family, but most of them for the better, and I know that God knows what He's doing (thank goodness because I don't).

There were many enjoyable things that I did this year. From going to an old cabin to spend the weekend (and using an outhouse which was #fuuunnn), to SEEING THE MOON PASS OVER THE SUN (sorry I'm still pretty excited that I SAW AN ECLIPSE YA'LL), to getting a brand new job that I just love... with lots and lots of movies and books piled on top.

So here they are, friends. My 2017 'notables'.

// Books //

According to Goodreads, I read 12 whole books in 2017! I know it's not a lot, but it's at least one for each month, eh? And I did make my goal! At the beginning of the year I set my goal to read 11 books (why I picked such a random number I don't know) by the end of the year, and I read 12. Well, well. Good for me.
My favorite out of all of them... well, I have to pick three, actually. It's so hard to pick just ONE favorite (any book lover understands).
~Hidden Places by Lynn Austin
~The Help by Kathryn Stockett
~The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows

All three very good books, all very clean (MOSTLY *glares at The Help*), and all recommended by Yours Truly.

In 2018 I hope to read 13 books. I think that every year I'm going to try to read one more than the last, and we'll see how many years I can keep up with myself. :)

// Movies //

There were some good movies I saw this year! I cannot choose favorites (as you well know), so here is a small list of the best ones I have seen.
~ The Case for Christ : Such a heartfelt, lovable movie. And thankfully not cheesy, as some Christian movies can be. :P
~ Hidden Figures : You guys, this movie was so good. If you like inspiring historical drama films, you will love this movie.
~ The Imitation Game : This movie didn't come out this year, but I saw it for the first time a couple weeks ago, and was very impressed.
~ The Walk : This is just one of those sweet, adorable, sit-down-on-the-couch-with-a-blanket-and-a-dog kinda movies. It's really quite enjoyable.
~ Forrest Gump : Oh, I loved this movie so much. It was so sweet and heart-warming, as well as funny and sad. Unfortunately, it did have quite a significant bit of 'content' in it, including language. I wouldn't watch it again without a filter, but man I enjoyed this one.
~ Beauty and the Beast : A very pretty sort of movie. Controversial? Yes. But, enjoyable? Also yes.
~ All the Star Wars movies : This is a disclaimer; I didn't enjoy the movies so much as I enjoyed the times I had while watching them with friends, which is why they are going on 'movie favorites' for 2017. :)

// TV Shows //

This year didn't involve a lot of 'discovery' shows for me, most were just re-watches. I'd like to try more shows in 2018, to see what other good ones I can find. But here are the ones I most enjoyed this year.
~Sherlock BBC, Series 4 : I know you guys have probably heard enough about this show from me. But still. I absolutely love this show. We watched Series 4 for the first time in January, and then we watched it all through again about a month ago. And it was so good. As usual.
~Call the Midwife, Season 6 : This show makes me so happy. Because there are happy things, sad things, and funny things in it. Heartwarming things, beautiful things, terrible things. All of those together make a good show in my opinion. I really enjoyed Season 6.

Aaaaaaand, that's actually it for shows. Like I said, I'm going to try to find more in 2018! I have a couple of shows in mind, but we'll see if I actually get around to watching them. :)

// Music //

Oh, I missed the Adam Young Scores! But I mustn't be like that, I'm supposed to write about what music I did enjoy in 2017, not what music I missed. You must excuse me.
~Owl City, Cinematic : Which technically isn't 100% released yet, but there are several songs already released as well as previews of the rest which I have been enjoying immensely.
~Owl City, Waving Through a Window : I love this song; it is so sweet, so like Adam.
(and now onto other things besides Owl City...)
~TobyMac, Lights Shine Bright : This is one of those great driving-in-the-car-to-work songs. It's quite fun.
~Hillsong United, What a Beautiful Name : I always like worship songs that are strictly about how great God is.
~Danny Gokey, Comback : This year, I saw this guy in concert. He is pretty good, ya'll!
~MercyMe, Even If : There are a few songs in my life that, whenever I listen to them, make time seem to stop. This is one of them. Every time I hear it, I just have to listen. And somehow, it doesn't get old.

Ok! Now onto some stuff about the blog!

// The Storybook Journal //

~My blog celebrated it's 3rd anniversary (excuse me; I mean blogiversary...) this year! September 3rd, 2015 was the day I got up the nerve to post my very first post. (Here's the link if you're really interested in embarrassing me.) Since then I have had a swell time posting on the 'ol Blog.
~This year I posted 37 posts, the most so far! In comparison, I posted 28 posts in 2016, and 11 posts in 2015 (after I started it in September, of course).
~Also in the blogging world, I won a giveaway for the first time: 2nd Blogiversary & Giveaway!, and won a blog game for the first time: Other Way, Mr. Collins!
~I posted a picture of myself on my blog. After years of not doing so.

// Other Highlights //

~I got a new job, at a place I love to work at (thank heavens for that...)
~I witnessed a Solar Eclipse, which was an amazing experience (truly, truly, truly amazing.) August 21st, 2017 will be forever etched in my memory.
~I bought my first car. Which thankfully didn't cost me a literal arm and leg.
~I got my liscense, so that I can actually drive said car.
~I went to a cabin in May with some friends and had the most amazing time playing cards and walking along riverbeds and drinking soda.
~I got to house sit a house for some friends of mine, and it really opened up some great opportunities for me to be responsible about things that I wasn't able to before, as well as having some great 'alone time', which is quite important for oh-so-introverted me.

There you have it, future-Amaris-who-is-looking-back-at-this-post-because-you-were-feeling-nostalgic!!!
And there you have it too, my blogging friends, who were curious enough to see what kind of things Amaris over at The Storybook Journal did for 2017.
I thank you for reading!  
I hope you dear followers of mine had a lovely year, and even those of you who are not my followers, but who are just stopping in, I hope you had a good year too.

Here is a verse for you; a verse that I thought was appropriate for such a post, in regards to the New Year.

Hebrews 12:1 
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.

Did you see that word? That 'P' word? Perseverance. It means (in my own words, of course) "to keep going".
So if 2018 is going hard, keep going. There is another year around the corner. As long as you're alive, there is always another year. Make sure you're there to see it.

Ah, what could 2018 possibly hold for me?
All I can say is: "God, surprise me!"


Do you have any plans for the New Year? What is the best thing that happened to you in 2017?


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome year!!!

    Happy 2018!!!!!

  2. "As long as you're alive, there is always another year. Make sure you're alive to see it."
    Very well-said, my dear friend.
    Well! I had quite a few lovely memories from 2017. Among them is going to a cabin with my closest friend, being a part of my other best friend's wedding, and graduating high school. I had a not-so-lovely experience with a young man that taught me a lot of things, which I am thankful for.
    My plans for 2018 involve a daily minute-in-the-word, devotional sort of journal which I am publishing over on Wattpad. I also plan to join our Church's worship team, improve my riding skills, and get healthy.
    I'm glad that you're back to blogging every week. :)

    1. Those are some great plans! I wish you luck with them. I hope you will let me know when each one comes to pass!
      Thank you for the comment, dear. Sorry it took me awhile to respond!

  3. sounds like you had a fantastic year...and mine would be just to go to a 4 year college, get my driver's licence and go to more concerts. And also, even though it's days late, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    1. Those sounds great! I wish you good luck with your plans. :D


  4. What a great post! It's so fun reading about everyone's year. :)

    I had a fun movie and book year, too! Yay stories. <3 And whaddya know, we both read The Guernsey Literary Etc. in 2017!

    Right now I'm very ready for spring/summer to come (just like I was ready for winter and Christmas to come this past summer, hehe), so in the meantime I'm trying to get readjusted to school and figuring out my schedule and all that. :-P

    Hope you have a splendiferously blessed 2018!! :D

    1. Yes, I feel like almost every Blogger does a "New Year's" post every year. :)
      Oh, the Guernsey Literary Etc.! It was quite a heartwarming story, wouldn't you say?
      I am enjoying Winter, but Spring is my favorite, so I am always looking forward to that.
      Ah, yes. Schedules. So fun. :)
      I hope your 2018 is lovely!

    2. Oh! I read Guernsey in 2017, too! :)

    3. Oh cool! Did you like it? :)


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