Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A Favorite Word

I have been hearing this word a lot lately (for some reason. You know when you hear about something, and then you keep hearing about it out of the blue? That's what happened to me), so I wanted to share it with you peeps.

The word is 'enigma'. Or 'enigmatic'.

// Enigma //

Something hard to understand or explain.
A person not easily interpreted.
An obscure bit of writing.

// the space between the stars // a person with a lot of secrets // a closed up street shop // a German code machine // a person without friends or family // a blank expression // a story yet to be read // a hermit // the absence of understanding // a closed room // 


That is all. I just wanted to share a little word aesthetic with you (a.k.a. I'm at work and there's no customers because it's raining so I'm literally just answering the phone so I thought what the hey I'll write a post about this).

Now you know what 'enigmatic' means.
Sorry I couldn't ... explain it better
(sorry; had to add a pun)



  1. Cool post! I love learning new words :)


  2. I'm gonna use this word more now that I actually know what it means. :-) LOVE IT.


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