Monday, March 5, 2018

Living in February // 2018

A few highlights of February

It's been raining. A lot. Has anyone else gotten quite a bit of rain lately? The funny thing about rain, I've noticed, is the effect it has on people's moods. Lots of people get grumpy when it's raining. They don't like rain, they don't like to drive in it, they don't like the wet.
But me? I love rain. As a matter of fact, this month, when it WASN'T raining, I was listening to rainymood at work.
Try it; it's pretty great.
(I'm listening to it right now.)
(I'm at work right now.)


I've been getting into soundtracks again. Namely Pride & Prejudice (2005) soundtrack (love that one), and The Young Victoria soundtrack. And the people at work have been listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack before open hours... at full volume. Can't decide if I'm mad or glad about that.


I've watched a few movies this month. 
At the beginning of this year, I decided I wanted to try to watch more movies. As opposed to 2017, when I watched, like, five.

February Movies // 2018

You've Got Mail (1998) - A very sweet romance taken from the old movie 'Shop Around the Corner'. But with Tom Hanks.
#it's a great idea to email strangers, kids

The Young Victoria (2009) - So, so beautiful. I loved the story line. I loved Prince Albert. The soundtrack was also great.
#can i have a time machine now

Walt Before Mickey (2015) - I don't really have an opinion because I turned it off because it was boring. And the acting was just bad.
#where's benedict cumberbatch when you need him

Wonder (2017) - A very sweet movie of a little middle school kid. Plus, the dad was hilarious. I will probably show this to my children one day.
#glad i was homeschooled tho

Gifted (2017) - I could do without the language and a certain 'scene', but overall, I loved it. And Chris Evans being a perfect uncle is... well, perfect.
#what even is math

Cast Away (2000) - A very sad, classic movie. I loved 'Wilson', and Tom Hanks was great, as usual.
#i'm so sorry wilson

The Glass Castle (2017) - Too much content for me to enjoy very much. But I loved all the actresses who played Jeanette, and I liked her strong character.
#someone's cornbread ain't done in the middle


I've been painting a lot. Not as in 'Van Gogh' (I wish), as in 'houses'. Almost all of my work clothes have paint all over them. To get the house ready for sale, we are painting every room white. It's been fun, but tiring.
But I found I actually like painting bathrooms (but ONLY bathrooms). Who knew.


I finally cut my hair down to my shoulders. It's been hard to manage lately, since I had really frayed ends, but I couldn't find the time to cut it myself because I was so busy. So, I finally I took it to the hair salon and had her chop it all off.
If I was in the habit of posting pictures of myself, I would show you a pic right now.
But I'm not.


That's about it. Here's just a few more things that aren't important enough to talk about.

*When your friend asks you what's your favorite Tom Hanks movie is, and you realize you've seen ten of them. Out of like 50.

*Decorating the showroom at my job for St. Patrick's day is fun. And really glittery.

*I like to pay attention to the cinematography in movies.

*Thinking up lots of ideas for a (sorta) big Blog Project I have in mind (what's that? I'm hinting?)

*Acting dumb when sales people call on the phone is fun. (for me)

*Kids are messy (but great)

*I like a lot of marshmallows on my hot chocolate.

*Just for kicks, I tried to get onto my old Webkinz account. Boy, things have changed.


That is all, friends. Spring is coming, and lots of changes for me!
Wish me luck.
I hope you have a good March!!


  1. I love these little updates, Amaris. (Even if I don't always get the time to comment.)

    Soundtracks are the best. I love everything about them...except for the movies they come from sometimes. ;)

    Haircuts are always exciting for me!

    Blog project? A BIG blog project?! Oh, do tell me!!! :D

    I too LOVE acting dumb when salespeople call. It's loads of fun.

    Alright, I will then--GOOD LUCK!!!


    1. Thank you for the kind words, Cordy!
      Yay. Soundtracks. I agree though. Sometimes I like the soundtrack BETTER than the movie they're from. :P

      The Mysterious Blog Project is still in the works, but I will be reaching out to a few bloggers (such as yourself!) to discuss with them my ideas to see what they think.

      But all of course whenever I'm done moving and have TIME. (which could be literal months from now.)
      So. You might have to wait awhile. :)


  2. This blog post sponsered by Tom Hanks.

    (Curious- where do you work? You can blog while you work???)

    1. Haha yep. Tom Hanks told me to write all of this. XD

      I work at an embroidery shop, and when there's slow or little business, I can type things on my desk computer.
      Pretty convenient. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, it's been raining SO much here. Typically I like rain, but I need sunshine too. xD

    1. I totally agree. Pretty much rain or sunshine makes me happy. :)

  4. Eeeee, movies! I've wondered about "Walt Before Mickey," too, but then I heard that it was pretty bad . . . glad to get your take on it, too. And I love "You've Got Mail"! :D

    Well, hey, at least you've seen 10 Tom Hanks movies. Some of us haven't even seen that many. ;-P

    Music YAAASSS.

    Haha, bathrooms, eh? That's funny.

    I like noticing the cinematography, too! *high five*

    Ooh, what is this big Blog Project?? ;D ;D

    Hope you're having a great day, Amaris! :)

  5. Olivia:
    Yeah... I was getting pretty bored with 'Walt Before Mickey', so I turned it off about a third of the way through. It was pretty sad, though, because I REALLY wanted it to be great. *sigh* Oh well.
    I loved "You've Got Mail"! :D
    Yeah, I've kinda been on a Tom Hanks 'spree' lately. Me and my sister, that is. We've been watching a lot of his movies, for whatever reason.

    I hope to 'launch' the 'Big Blog Project' in a couple of months (I had hoped sooner, but circumstances such as moving has prevented me from doing so :P), but sit tight! I hope it's going to be pretty fun. :)

    Thank you!!! Same to you.


  6. I do like You've Got Mail, but The Shop Around the Corner will always be my favorite. Because Jimmy Stewart. ;)

    I'm glad to hear that Wonder was good! I was thinking about watching it.

    I hope everything goes well! :D

    1. Yes; the classics are usually the best version. Jimmy Stewart is definitely irreplaceable.
      Yes! I did enjoy 'Wonder'. It was sweet and not really cheesy. :)
      Thank you so much!


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