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Superheroes Week // Comparing the 3 Spider-Men!

This is my post for Hamlette's Superheroes Week! At first I wasn't going to join in the superhero fun, but then I remembered (how could I forget) my partiality to Spider-Man, so I decided to write a post featuring him.

I also had trouble deciding WHICH Spider-Man to talk about...
So I took 'em all.

My favorite button. ^^
So! Without further fuss, I am going to talk about a few differences between the three movie Spider-Men and their respective movies.These are far from all of my opinions, but for the sake of this post, here are a few thoughts.

Tobey Maguire // Spider-Man (1, 2, + 3)

Ah yes. Bringing it back to the ol' Maguire Spidey. 
I'll come right out and say it. I love the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man. Watching his first movie inspired me to be a Spider-Man fan in the first place. And it was the first Marvel movie that I ever decided to like, so it deserves a special place on my 'Favorite Movies' list! :)

PROS: Tobey Maguire does a good job in all three movies. He brings a sort of wackiness into the character, while still doing a decent job of making me care about him as an individual. He did good being weak yet strong, handsome yet weird-looking (have you seen some of the memes out there of his face? I'm telling you), kind yet still young and immature. Brave but scared. In other words, he made me care. And that's saying something, judging by my high standards.

CONS: I'm not a huge movie expert or anything, even though I enjoy watching lots of movies and critiquing them. But I have to say. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies have some of the most awkward moments in television history. Ever.
It's so awkward it's funny, and that's why I think most people don't mind. So maybe this shouldn't even be a con. *shrug*
 But seriously.
For real. What was even happening during this whole emo segment in Spider-Man 3??? I'm still utterly confused.

That girl on the right is me. XD
Like. Just. #im out
 *literally walks away*


Andrew Garfield // The Amazing Spider-Man (1 + 2)

Be honest, what girl does not like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, at least at one point? He's definitely got those mysterious teenage boy charms, as well as looks (Those eyebrows tho. That hair. *nods approval*) and a not-too-shabby personality. None of those things do much for me personally but I know a lot of female viewers who DO like him for those reasons. Anyways.

PROS: Andrew does a decent job in the acting department. He's no Benedict Cumberbatch (who represents the epitome of acting brilliance in my opinion fyi), but I really appreciated him during certain parts that touched me personally *spoiler* especially after you-know-who dies and he's just learning to live and breath without her *end of spoiler*. I also like how the AG Spider-Man is a hugely contemporary as opposed to the TM Spider-Man. Everything seemed way more modern, more realistic, more attainable, if you will, in spite of most of the villains being far-fetched. It was less of a throwback.
Another note I have to throw out that has nothing to do with Garfield, is a shout out for this version of Harry Osborn. I simply loved that guy. He was great, and his acting gave me chills.

CONS: I didn't care much for Peter and Gwen's relationship. Shocker, I know. Most people think they're super adorable together, but to be honest I find Emma Stone's acting to be annoying (no offense to her as a person). I could do without them together overall. But then of course, the movies would probably way more dry and violent without the contrast of a relationship to keep the balance.
I also was conflicted with AG's Peter being a teenager. For one, he looks older, but he's disrespectful to elders like a teenager. He has the fighting skills of an adult, but the immaturity of a teenager... like what? Which is it? I don't know. Maybe I'm the only one slightly annoyed by this. I just found it choppy, personally.

Their relationship did level him out as a character, so to speak. Bringing a touch of softness to his morbid calling as a superhero.


Tom Holland // Spider-Man: Homecoming (+ others)

Why do I like Tom Holland as Spider-Man? Because he is a sweet gumball, because he is an adorable British smol bean. His was the first Spider-Man I ever saw in theaters, so he will always have a special place, if only for that.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the adorable-ness of this pic...
PROS: Tom's acting really brings out the 'young, boyish Spider-Man'. The kid who is innocent as you can get... but has superpowers, and tries to use them well...even though it messes up sometimes. He's gotta cry a little, yet make me laugh, and be brave at the same time. Tom's Spider-Man did all of those things. Plus, I'm always low-key impressed when a British actor uses an American accent. :) Anyone else?

CONS: Of course, we have the annoying 'teenager-won't-listen-to-elders-even-tho-they-know-better-because-that's-not-cool' thing again. Tobey Maguire Spider-Man didn't do this as much. Andrew Garfield did it some, and Tom Holland did it a small bit too, in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's really quite annoying. I guess I'm the only one who wants to watch movies where the teenager is .. like.. a good teenager who doesn't think authority figures are stupid and don't want to listen. In all fairness, though, this isn't a huge thing in this movie, and right now it's the only thing 'bad' I can think of for this section. I love this movie, peeps.

I think it's pretty apparent now that there is no Spider-Man I hate. I really love all of them, just in different ways, and some are definitely better than others in certain areas.
I prefer Tom Holland as my younger Spider-Man, and I like Andrew Garfield when I want something a little more downbeat, but Tobey Maguire is special too, because he's the first one I 'fell in love' with (if you can call it that. I still would prefer a period drama over any one of these movies. But hey. I can't change).
Take it from a non-Marvel fan. If you don't like superheros, but you want some action once in awhile, Spider-Man is the way to go.

I hope you enjoyed! Go check out Hamlette's list for more Superhero posts and to join the fun!!! 


  1. Andrew Garfield. *slow clap*
    And Tom Holland. Because he played Peter Parker to perfection. Love that Frogman.

  2. I like the spider-man movies enought to have seen them all, though I am not partial to any particular one but that weird dancing bit with maguire is kind of wacky, I really don't get it either.

    didn't care much for Gwen, her character really doesn't do much, at least, it seems that way to me. isn't Peter in the Andrew Garfield spider movies almost an adult? I guess I don't remember since I saw the movies a while back but I was pretty sure his character is like 18 or something so I guess I didn't get the immaturely in his character.

    I didn't like 'homecoming' all that much but I do like Tom Holland as spider-man but spider-man here is so much younger than all the previous movie. shouldn't Peter have finished college by now? from what I remember he really didn't have much powers - his spider web came from a spider-shooter which is shown at point not as his side when he needs it, so I don't know. I also hate seeing Iron Man there, it seems the movie focus too much on him. I know they want to tie the whole universe together but it's ridiculous. I think superhero movies should only feature one hero at a time. I don't like see-sawing between heroes.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Lissa:
      Yes, it's hard to pick a favorite when there's so many versions of Spider-Man. :)

      With Gwen, I feel the same. She was just 'meh'.

      Yes, it seems like every Spider-Man they come out with is younger than the last one. Soon we'll have a legit child. :)

      I didn't mind Iron Man being in 'Homecoming', but I do agree; I don't usually like a ton of heroes in one movie. But hey, who am I that Hollywood would listen to me?

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. I've been a Spidey fan since I was a teen myself, and saw all 3 of the Maguire movies in the theater when I was in college and beyond. I really like the first one a ton, and the other two were okay. I haven't managed to see the Garfield movies because... I haven't. Might one of these days.

    But of the three, I think Tom Holland is the most like the Spidey in my head that I remember from reading comic books as a kid. So I love him.

    Plus, that pic of him with Chris Hemsworth? AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    1. Say, that must've been pretty cool to see the first Spider-Man movies in theaters! I was far too young at the time. :)
      The Garfield ones are ok... but I like the Maguire and Holland ones better though, so. *shrug*

      Thanks for the DC buttons, btw! I got them in the mail yesterday.

    2. Oh, yay! Glad they arrived safely. You're welcome :-)


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