Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Farewell, Teenage Years

Once upon a time...

20 years ago,
It snowed.
And I was born.
(It didn't snow on my birthday this year, though. 60 degrees, actually.)
In case you haven't guessed it by now, this is... more or less my 'birthday post'. I turned 20 on the 22nd of January.
Yeah. I know.
It was a fun time this year. I went to the theaters and watched The Greatest Showman (more on that in another post! #spoiler: I loved it), I got some more books to read for my 2018 goal, I decorated a galaxy cake, I got free makeup from stores with my birthday coupons, I ate French food for lunch. All fun stuff.

Most of all, I said 'farewell' to my teenage years. *pause and reflect on how old i am*

When I was 12 years old, I made up my mind not to waste my teenage years. I was struck by how many teenagers I observed only cared about being stupid and wasting time 'having fun'.  
I wanted to be different.

But I didn't realize how hard being a teenager would be. Turns out for me, the problem wasn't wasting time and being stupid. It was being anxious. A few things happened that made me be nervous to go out into public. I started to stay home more (not that I was ever a social butterfly) because I was worried to go places.

Things continued in this manner for the better part of 3 years until I decided I was tired of letting my fears control me. God had been offering me His hand for awhile, so I finally reached out and took it, letting go of maintaining my fears.
Now I am amazed at what God can do through such a weak person like me if I just let Him. Because He is the strong One.
I guess that's my takeaway from years 13-19.
We don't have to be strong, because He already is.
All we have to do is let Him.

Apart from that, here are the best things I learned about being a teenager:

1. It's worth it to listen to your parents.
No matter what you might think... they know more (unless it's about Instagram or somethin' like that. You know)
2. Put your worries behind you. 
What's the use of being scared if things are going to be the way they are anyways? Don't get so wrapped up in being comfortable that you can't handle things when they come at you.
3. Don't push growing up.
 PLEASE enjoy the 20% of your life when you don't have the responsibilities that you will have the other 80%. I'm just now getting my first smart phone and you know how old I am? Twenty. I'm not saying you have to be as old fashioned as me. But enjoy being young. Enjoy no phone bills. Enjoy no care insurance.
You will never have the chance again.
4. Grow in your relationship with Jesus.
The relationship that you form with Him in these years of young faith is going to carry you through the rest of your life. Make a point to get to know Him.
You won't be sorry.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my blog and staying with me!
Here's to the journey ahead.


  1. Great post. <3 I have two and a half more years of teenagerism and I plan to enjoy it. ;)

    1. Thank you! Good luck with the rest of your 'teenagerism'. :D

    Wasn't the Greatest Showman incredible!? I'm working on my review of it now!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I loved TGS. I'm working on a review post as well! Can't wait to read yours!

  3. Happy birthday and oh my goodness good points and just wow no more teenage hood?!

    1. Thanks! Yep, I've crossed over the teenager line...


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