Monday, January 29, 2018

Four Things I Loved About 'The Greatest Showman'

This year, my birthday movie was 'The Greatest Showman'.  
Keep in mind the opinions you are about to read are coming from a person who 'hates' musicals.
But keep reading and you might not find a lot of hate.
A.k.a. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE IT'S GREEEAT AND BEAUTIFUL AND EXCITING AND lemme finish this post first. Then go.
HEE HEE. #so excite

*cough* Sorry. (for real, amaris. you're 20 now. cut it out)
Ok, ok.

What I loved:
1. The Music & Singing
Have you been on YouTube lately? If you haven't, you need to go on there and listen to some of these songs. I personally didn't listen to the songs until I saw the movie because I didn't want to ruin the experience of it. 
If you have been following my blog for awhile, or if you know me personally, you know that I do. not. like. musicals. I personally find them severely annoying.
There have been a select few musicals I have actually, truly, sincerely enjoyed. Broadway's Newsies was one of them. I had the pleasure of seeing the Broadway version in theaters with a couple of friends last year.
The other is The Greatest Showman. I loved the music in this movie. I could listen to it all day. I left the theater humming "What if we rewrite the stars..." and feeling like the musical parts did NOT clog up the story parts (read this post if you're not sure what I mean), so that I couldn't enjoy the characters to their fullest. 
If a musical can do that to me, believe me, it's impressive.

2. The Lead Roles
Out of all the people who worked to make this movie great, the ones that stuck out at me as my favorites were Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and Zendaya. I admit I've never seen Jackman or Efron in any other movies before (I was never the 'High School Musical' type), but I have seen Zendaya in Spider-Man.
Whether I've seen them before or not, it's hard to put into words how good I thought each of them were in this movie. I could say 'flawless', 'stunning', 'brilliant'. But somehow, mere words fall short of how great it was to describe me sitting in the theater enjoying the life out of myself watching them. I guess you'd have to experience it yourself. (Srsly. Go watch it.)
These three made the movie for me. Basically it's the best acting I've seen in a movie that doesn't have Benedict Cumberbatch in it.
And that's saying something.

3. The dancing
Yep. I'm using adjectives because I don't know how else to explain how great it was.
I loved the dancing. People don't realize that's a lot for me to say, because usually dancing is the boring part of the musical where I leave to go refill popcorn or put more ice in my water. After all, who cares? People moving in time with the music, while having no dramatic influence on the story? Not my thing.
But this dancing? Not only was it beautiful to watch (and paired with not-boring music, what-do-you-know), but it meant something, and it made me care. That's my thing.

4. Everything
A few more worthy 'mentionable' notes:
  •  The singing voice of P.T. as a child (I always love a child with a good singin' voice...)
  • The dancing scene in the bar with P.T. and Philip (Loved how masculine this scene is, the drama that's woven through the song and dance moves, and just watching Jackman and Efron do their thing.)
  • When P.T. is dancing on the roof with his wife (Absolutely loved that part. Also, it sorta gave me vibes from this scene in White Christmas, which I've always loved. With the pink dress and all.)
  • Anne Wheeler. I loved her character, I love her dancing, I love her singing, I love Zendaya. (I know some people think Zendaya an annoying 'teenager star', but I personally love her acting. Plus, who has more perfect eyebrows...)
  • P.T.'s children. They were acted well, and so sweet.

SO. After all that, maybe you'll believe me that this movie is one of the beautiful-est, danci-est, exciting-est (and what other words can I put -est at the end to sound clever?) BEST-EST movie I've seen in... a long time? A LONG TIME.
*nods approval*
 Remember when I asked you guys a couple of posts ago "Is it as good as the trailer?" I can now confirm that question for myself.
It is.



  1. I'm with you there (about not liking most musicals) but this one sounds really good, and from what you've said and other friends have told me about it, it sounds like a must-watch at some point. ;)


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